Friday, 16 December 2016

Sales mails

The number of selling emails have gone up so radically that I'm trying to unsubscribe them before I go away.
Some of them are remarkably difficult to stop.
If you shop on line as I do then all the visited sites think it's fair game to send me notice of their sales etc..
If you've clicked on something that's taken your interest then suddenly you are on their list!
The stuff advertised on Facebook is the hardest to shake off.
On one of them they showed a very nice top several times that I really liked. I found it impossible to buy.....they either said it had been sold out or was no longer stocked.
But the ad for it kept appearing.
I then started getting the sales email which I've tried to stop three times with no success!
This has ensured that I will never buy any of their stuff...
I start every morning by deleting all the unwanted emails but still they arrive!
The American ones offering me jobs do stop eventually ...
It obviously pays them to send out so many emails....some people must click on them but I suspect that there are far more like me who feel exasperated by the sheer number of them...
I am hoping that very soon they will stop sending Christmas emails....but then of course the sales will start!
Stop please!

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