Friday, 2 December 2016

Village festivity!

As the world grows more dangerous daily my thoughts turn to home....and this idyllic village I now live in.
Tonight at dusk we celebrate the start of the festive season by turning on the lights of the Christmas tree.
A brass band will be there and we will sing carols...
My mind has been mentally searching for the prayers and stories that traditionally enhance this happy occasion. It is full of joyful anticipation, a celebration of the season to come....involving the locals in the village who seldom attend Sunday services. But they will turn out in force tonight!
I first presided over this occasion about ten years ago...and before that a similar occasion in the next village.
Lights have been festooned. A festive appearance will grace all the small villages on the Roseland.
Every year the number of people willing to erect the lights gets smaller...but somehow it all gets done even when the wind and rain make it seem impossible.
It's a time for joy , for anticipating the birth of the Christ child.
It's also a time for villagers to get together! It's done early before the Christmas visitors arrive...
A truly heart warming village occasion...Alleluia!
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