Wednesday, 4 January 2017

American soap?

The last day at sea looms...
I have been spending far too much time watching American news programs during these dark sea is very interesting...scary but riveting!
Will Trump actually go ahead with abolishing Obama care? Will his businesses really be separate from government....the signs are very mixed so far!
I have started to follow Trump on far he's not following me back! It hardly seems fair!
Fox , MSNBC, Sky news....all are following the Trump drama with some varied responses . Some are cynical , some are really trying to be fair. But what is coming through is some doubt as to whether he really is giving up his business interests...
It's very weird to watch.........ethics swamp?
I doubt it could ever happen here but then we would have said the same about over there!
As for the Russian interventions in the US's not hard to see why they would support Trump.
I did enjoy a clip from the new man taking the "Your Fired" line. Its Arnold Swartzneger ....sorry the spelling hasn't been corrected by Apple!
It is riveting stuff. But his take on "your fired" has now become "You are terminated"
The astonishing thing is that this is not an American soap's real life!
And like it or not we are all involved. Help!

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