Thursday, 12 January 2017

Dark frosty mornings!

Woke up to some dreadful weather warnings...
It's very dark outside and apparently ice and snow are on their way! They are expected to sweep my bit of Cornwall this morning, so naturally this is the day I have to go out!
Living on the slopes of Moel Famau in North Wales I got used to very bad weather.
Snow was common up there. The school bus often failed to arrive to pick up my daughter but then the school Land rover was sent out to the disgust of all the local children!
Digging out our cars to get to work was commonplace back then .
Essex was easier...although when it snowed it did it properly!
Here we have a slight sprinkling occasionally .
So this morning could be interesting.
Our lovely curate will pick up all the old ladies for the midweek communion.
I will venture forth, uttering some prayers as I go.
Wind is the biggest test here....and so far it is very still,outside...
I will give myself plenty of time to get there....nothing is worse than rushing around in bad weather...
I do wonder how many of the small group will turn up.
Once more into the breach dear friends!

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