Sunday, 29 January 2017

Executive chaos!

Trump has made a decision. The executive order to stop everyone from various countries entering America is currently causing massive problems for very many people.
And yet we see him on television repeating the phrase, "Its working out very nicely"
He gets stuck with phrases like this from time time to time...
He described the so called illegal voting as "Just horrible" several times.
He is clearly a man of limited vocabulary.
That he is causing massive anxiety to so many people already really is just horrible.
A judge is now trying to get the blanket ban lifted and says that an executive order is not law. But all those poor people who took flights in anticipation of arriving in a better place are now stuck in airports...
When Mr Trump signed the executive order he looked grim whilst saying
"Big stuff, it's big stuff."
After a week in office chaos now reigns.
Even people with all the correct paper work are being refused entry with appalling conditions to contend with.
Far from defeating Isis he seems to be helping them with their work to disrupt the rest of the world.
America is still a Christian country....Mr Trump said the Lords Prayer at his inauguration. Surely someone could explain it to him in words of one syllable.

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  1. Any attempt at an explanation to Trump would fail as even using words of one syllable would be far to difficult for him. He is shielded from the real world by his wealth. He has never experienced what it is to lose your home or to be refused to be allowed to do something essential for his life.
    I am afraid he is probably the biggest danger facing the world today. The only experts he believes are those who agree with him. I fear for this fragile world.

  2. He has surrounded himself with like minded people, who are probably frightened to help him to see how stupid his actions are. If he had implemented the policy after consultation and had ensured that the agency responsible for making it work had time to implement it, than it wouldn't have had the impact that it had.

    The main is a fool, but a dangerous fool.