Monday, 2 January 2017

New year, new threat.

We are just gliding softly into Lisbon. I have been here twice before but my memory has failed me as to detail!
We are of course nearing the end of our journey, and new friendships have been made .
My friends on this one tell me I have been paying over the odds for my travel and that what I need is a travel agent. Humph!
One of the great joys of cruising is the diversity of people...hearing other people's stories and realising that other points of view are we try to keep off politics mostly.
This time though there is a far greater need to talk about the dangerous changes in the world around us.
Brexit only makes a few people foam at the mouth but there is universal concern for what is going on in America!
As we are mostly European on board this time...I am finding that there is actual fear that the Donald is going to plunge us into dangerous situations through his own invincible need to be right.
I have listened to some very scary dialogues on the American TV news shows and can share my fellow passengers concern.
We all agree that what is approaching us is an even greater threat than Isis poses...
Having a man in charge of diplomatic discussions with virtually no experience of political life feels dangerous....I hope we are all wrong!

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