Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Still got all my chairs at home!

Having found myself being manipulated by the man who told me I needed to spend £5000 pounds on the repairs to my roof I now find I am highly suspicious of people arriving uninvited to give me opinions I don't want and haven't asked for....
Elderly ladies who live alone are targeted by some enterprising people and I am resisting them .
The young man from Liverpool got very short shrift this week I'm afraid...
I'm sorry to say I was fairly rude about the proposed visit.
I said no.
His supervisor rang me yesterday....we had a very interesting conversation about my solar tiles, the roof, my bat infested loft...not quite Uncle Tom Cobbly and all but we covered a lot of ground....So this morning the young man is trying a visit again...
Apparently the insurance on my tiles involves a yearly check up.
This house is not ancient Cornish Farmhouse has a lot of idiosyncrasies.
I will have to accompany the young man this morning...but I'm not going into the loft.
Talking to a Liverpudlian yesterday brought out my latent Lancashire accent.
The phrase I used to finish the fairly fraught conversation was a throwback to fifty years ago.
"Just bear in mind that I might be old but I still have all my chairs at home."
Says it all really...

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