Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Dismal February.

I do see why David and I used to be away in February. The first year after he died I went to Madeira in February so really this is the first complete month I've been at home for years.
There are worse places...but....
This week my Timehop pages are showing our visits to New Zealand, Australia and Tahiti...
Far from making me yearn to be away from it all I daily give thanks...
I have been a very lucky woman .
And still am but this morning I am hearing of the plight of old people being abused by their carers.
I can imagine nothing worse in your old age when you are too feeble to be able to resist such appalling treatment.
I'm not there yet but several of my friends are needing care in their own homes to get them through the day.
The carers go in to get them up and dressed, leave them food for the day and return to put them to bed , sometimes as early as six pm.
None of them complain...there is a dull acceptance of the status quo...and none of them are experiencing cruelty of the sort I am hearing of this morning.
There is a dull acceptance that the carers are doing their best in very difficult circumstances.
Full marks to the Beeb for highlighting this problem.
I'd rather know it exists than remain in ignorance...
I visit old people and see them in the local residential home. None of them are complaining. But I am aware for the first time that I'm approaching my own need for care.
I'm not there yet but I see it looming over the horizon..thank goodness its March tomorrow...

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