Sunday, 12 February 2017

Fighting back!

Yesterday I attended a luncheon party. We were eight people all of a certain age...
Each of us had a story to tell about unwanted phone calls and the way we had been targeted.
We drew some interesting conclusions....
Those of us who were single had had the most but the common denominator was the post code...
We decided that all that was needed was an electoral register.
It's easy to see who lives alone and the names of the houses also give a clue...
A quick look at a google map would then complete the picture.
Someone who reads the blog had sent me the link previously which shows my house in glorious technicolor.
So a person living alone in a big old house.....easy! Even better if it's a woman, better yet an old woman.
The conversation left me feeling less anxious. As long as we know we are being targeted it loses some of its threat...and it gives the mischievous amongst us the joy of making up some wonderfully daft stories in order to fight back.
"Well you are welcome to come of course , my golden retrievers always enjoy visitors but they are a bit boisterous...and if they nip they aren't really biting you....just being playful...really." Etc etc.....
Oh the joys of justified lying...ahem!

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  1. Not sure if you know that you can have your name and identification details removed from the public register before it's made available to commercial companies? Worth checking out with your local electoral officer