Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Fogs lifted!

Hurray! I can see Falmouth disappeared over the weekend.
From my sitting room I have a wonderful view looking out over the sea which I enjoy most days. It's especially interesting at night.
The lights of moored boats and the sky line is beautiful .
Only occasional cruise ships arrive at this time of the year but I greet them like old friends. I've walked past many of them in exotic locations around the world.
I keep binoculars at hand and enjoy trying to read the names as the ships go in and out.
I am booked on one of these later this year. Not having a long drive to Southampton is clearly very inviting.
Several people from the village are also will be a very different cruise!
During all the dreadful weather of the last few days I have found myself flicking through various brochures from several different holiday firms.
But today the sun is shining...Falmouth looks busy. I have to go into St Mawes later and at this time of the year it is quiet and very beautiful.
Time to start looking forward...Spring is on its way!

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