Monday, 13 February 2017

Getting busy again.

Last week on arriving in church in order to do the eight o clock communion I mentioned to a friend that I was turning into a recluse. I hadn't been out of the house all week. I must get out more.
So the following day the phone started ringing...invitations flowed in at a remarkable rate and were mostly accepted.
Yesterday the same friend was there and I asked him if he'd had instigated all the kind invitations.
He denied it adding with a nod towards the altar....
"You clearly told the right person! "
A man of faith obviously.
I have had a very busy weekend despite the icy blasts outside.
All the people that I have seen over the weekend have complained bitterly about the cold and are dressed accordingly.
Some very strange outer clothes have appeared...dug out of wardrobes unused to freezing weather...
We are not used to very cold weather here..
I am wearing several layers but my house is warm, the radiators working well for the first time in three years...
It really is time to get on with my life....and my friend was right...I did tell the right person.and I have a very busy diary to prove it....
I am still a very fortunate woman.

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