Saturday, 4 February 2017

Moving on.

Another day, another joy.....the sun is shining, crocus and daffodils are scattered in full flower over the garden.
I have been round picking up the benches and tables, blown over last week!
My camellia bushes are in full bloom, seven of them.
The gardener moved several garden chairs into the barn last week so he could spend a day out of the wind and rain whilst he paints them.
He has had his second bad cold of the year this week and is shaking his head at the prevalence of various bugs around the village.
That's one good thing about living a long way out.....I don't bump into people much out here!
Living alone suits me mostly.
I have bad habits that I can indulge.
I chat on line if I'm feeling the need and of course the phone is always handy.
But often it goes unanswered if I don't recognise the number.
Books to be read are piling up.
Stories to be finished by me lie in my computer...
The two already published are going well still so maybe it's time for another!
Getting up to a glorious day is the best medicine for me...I still live in the most beautiful place in the world. Thank you God!

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  1. We're in the throes of a late winter here. Possibly due to the gulf stream listening to Mr Trump and deciding not to migrate as it should?

    All a bit down here, having had two siblings die within 12 months has been a bit difficult to suss, now the mother of my Sister in Law has died suddenly. I don't actually know when it will all end. Another friend, lost her husband last week, aged 42, sudden death.

    Trying to grieve and also to be there for others is tying me up in a few knots at the moment.