Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The gambling bug!

I grew up in a family of gamblers. Well it was just just my dad and my grandfather. The biggest decision to be taken over any weekend after the war was which horses to bet on.
Huge wins were envisaged regularly. My dad particular spent many hours looking for "the system" which he was convinced was going to make us very rich....if he could only get it right.
The gambling bug was tied inevitably to drinking. My dad ended up an alcoholic who never had the defining big win he devoutly wished for.
All this meant that I have grown up determined not to gamble.
When I went to the race track near Chester with my husband I had ten pounds to play with. When it had gone I stopped.
All of this meant that I have spent a lot of time avoiding the gambling apps to be found on my iPad.
Many of the games use pretend money, usually dollars and if I can play and by winning never need to play with actual money then I sometimes enjoy it.
I play backgammon regularly on one site where I am currently told that I have $15000 to play with.
This is a bit like gambling but isn't .its not real money.
There is another one where my present total is around $5000 .
It's all fantasy money but I have one rule. Once I'm asked to part with actual money by using my iTunes account I stop.
So yesterday I found a gin rummy game on Facebook. I always enjoyed this game so I gave it a try.
I was clearly not very good because late last night it urged me to buy in!
Real money was I stopped.
The last thing I did before going to sleep was to clear it off the iPad.
So I am embarrassed this morning to find that a friend has sent me a bag of coins!
Oh dear....
Facebook clearly shares our names....

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