Monday, 20 March 2017

An unusual event!

I went out to lunch yesterday. A good friend had arranged for me to be picked up.
The lunch was a private function , a fund raiser for the local children's hospice. I've been to other similar events but this one was quite extraordinary.
We were handed a glass of wine on the way in and we people I only usually see in church!
The meal was excellent. I sat with interesting people and the food was good.
Afterwards we went into the private cinema right next to the dining room.
It had comfortable seats complete with fleecy shawls in case we felt cold and we watched on a huge screen the film of Dr Zhivago!
It was excellent, complete with popcorn and in the interval ice Cream was served! Very decadent!
It was very enjoyable and we didn't get home until about six thirty! The film was a long one.
I have never enjoyed a fund raising event so much and full marks to the man whose brain child it was.
We got far more than our money's worth...and for such a good cause ...
I shall certainly go to another!
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