Monday, 6 March 2017

Apple Watch goes hippie!

I've had my Apple Watch for over a year now. I have had it set to do various things during that period and updated it once .
But yesterday we entered into a whole new ball game.
It introduced me to yoga!
It sits on my wrist mostly bright and colourful, tells me what's going on on Facebook. Advises me when an email arrives etc...
But lately in the afternoon it has included the sentence,
"Take a minute to breath Jean"
I have been amused by this but never followed it up till yesterday when I must have tapped on something significant because it went off at a tangent all on its own
A beautiful blue flower opened with the instruction to breath.
It closed and opened whilst I was relaxing. It was like the yoga breathing exercises I still do, unaided by my watch!
But this was fascinating.
I am unaware of any update....I mostly stay clear of such complications unless it becomes urgent that I act!
It has made me wonder what else this thing on my wrist can do...together with its mate my iPhone!
It does not like being out of range of the phone, complaining bitterly that it's not connected at times.
I've stopped it from sending an electric current into my didn't hurt but was annoying..
It tinkles softly when it wants to tell me something. I mostly ignore it.
It's biggest triumph was the last time I flew anywhere when it told me to report to gate 18 at Bristol airport...
It was right.
Wearing something that gives me info as well as telling me the time and date is fine...I like the pretty pictures too and the frequent weather reports where ever I am.
But occasionally I worry. Am I carrying Big Brother around with me on my wrist?
It's life span could get drastically reduced if I am. Are you listening watch?

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