Friday, 17 March 2017

Life in the country!

I have to be up fairly early to greet my gardener!
We have a problem...hopefully not a huge one. This week a hole has appeared right at the top of the garden.
In the past lots of holes have appeared as well as mole hills....most holes are obviously made by rabbits and some rats I think.
I am far into the country here...this is not a suburban garden.
The current hole is about nine inches across . It comes from the next field and has grown a little larger every day! The soil thrown up is behind a small fir tree....and I have been watching it's growth day by day...
It can only be a badger I think...
Most of us have regular visits from these nocturnal animals...occasionally I have found a body out on the road, where a car has caught one!
I don't mind badgers....they don't do too much damage...and they can't climb the fruit trees, but this is a hole that looks much bigger than anything else I've ever found!
My gardener will know what to do...he is a born and bred Cornishman..
He must have come across their holes before...
I cant actually kill anything moles are mute testimony to that...but the tunnel is very close to a small tree...and if I just ignore it the tree is going to be in danger...the tunnel gets bigger every day!
He will arrive at eight o clock so I need to be dressed by then...hey ho!
An hour later!
We have now placed a heavy pot over the tunnel...
My gardener says it won't work, the bleep bleep animals are everywhere!
They are digging in suburban gardens currently...nothing he is aware of stops them...
OK I can live with that if I have to! It's all part of living in the country!

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