Saturday, 4 March 2017

Recalling my car?

I am slightly anxious this morning to hear the news that some Mercedes cars are to be recalled by Daimler! Apparently some cars have burst into flame on starting...
I can see that this would not be good!
My lovely Merc was's quite old. About seven or eight years I think, though I would have to get the papers out to check.
I don't use it every day.
But living here, miles from anywhere it is very much needed.
There is a bus coming to the village but no bus stop anywhere near me!
At the moment I have no actual information...but it has rattled my cage a little.
If your car is recalled do they supply a different one?
I am attached to my car. Whilst I drive it I often chat to my husband.....especially if I am encountering any sort of problem...
He doesn't say much most of the time ......
At some stage I suppose I do need to get a different one but my stock phrase to cover the lovely pale blue one sitting on my drive is always.
"It'll see me out."
The local Mercedes garage have heard those words more than once...
I shall just have to wait and see....
Just one more small anxiety to add to the list!

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