Thursday, 23 March 2017


Like everyone else I am numbed by yesterday's attack just outside  Parliament. At the beginning it appeared to have only one casualty but with a sickening inevitability we then learned about the people mowed down by a car used as a weapon.
Like everyone else I supposed it to be a terror attack much like those in other European countries.
This morning, listening to the news I find myself wanting more information.
Was the murderer British? Was he born here? Was he a Muslim?
Eventually all these details will be given to us but just now all we have to go on is what we hear on the news.
Hatred of the sort that leads us to kill each other is corrosive. To kill people for their religion feels medieval. Elsewhere in the world other Christians are suffering for their religion.
So I pray, not just for those who died yesterday and their grieving loved ones but also for those who feel such hatred that they are willing to give up their own lives to achieve it.
Love one another....impossible though this sounds, it is what we have to aim at now.
Here in Cornwall watching scenes of horror in a place I know well and love is all I have left.

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  1. You are quite right. Closer to the scene, several people in my parish were affected. One is a Police Officer, friend of Keith who died. Keith actually lived in our Parish area, as does his widow and daughter.

    Others who work in Parliament witnessed some of the attack, others were traumatized by it.

    My daughter in law is in St Thomas' Hospital, and was just about to go to theatre for an o

    We prayed for the situation last night at our PCC and will be ongoing with it.

    We also prayed for the guy who carried out the attack, that he was forgiven and God's mercy to be offered for him, if he had repented.

    It is something we can't know. And he came originally from Kent, not to far from here.