Sunday, 30 April 2017

Back to the nightmare!

Waking in my bedroom this morning I realised once again how tiny my cabin was on the recent cruise....I find my myself gazing around at all the space in relief and wonder and then I switch on the radio!
Good heavens!
I knew there was a general election looming, I knew that Mr Trump had been in power for 100 days. I knew that North Korea was upsetting the world ....I hadn't been on a tropical island for two weeks....but this morning it all became real!
I share the Pope's concern about the rhetoric floating around.
I read the election promises from our parties.
I watched a snatch of Trumps most recent rallying call in the American heartland.
I just want to go back to sleep now. I'm obviously still travelling, I just need to wake up but not in this mad parallel world.
But no, here is where I am and I must start to live again . Tesco will deliver this morning! My car may or may not start! Life goes on but.....
I wish I had more confidence in Jeremy.
I wish Trump could stop courting approval with his core voters. I wish this world could go back to the one I left just a few weeks ago....
but at least I've got the glory all around me! And the space to move in it!

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