Sunday, 30 April 2017

Helicopter rescues!

I am reluctant to go back to my last cruise for several different reasons....but I have to because today I'm started yesterday.
I pray that it won't get any worse but I am remembering the fate of those on board who had it.
Altogether we had six people who had to be rescued by helicopter after starting with the symptoms I have today.
Many on the ship were coughing but it was only towards the end of the voyage that I realised how dreadful this must be if a helicopter was needed!
I spoke with the sister of one lady whose husband had got sick. The doctor on board had said he needed to be taken to hospital.
A helicopter duly arrived. There was no deck big enough to land on so the poor man was winched upwards from a dingy to be hauled on board. This looked like a very dodgy manoeuvre.
The mans wife asked if she could go with him and was at first refused. Eventually they consented and it cost her £7000 upfront to do it.
Prayers were then needed. They had no idea if the travel insurance would cover it.
Here at home coughing away I'm very glad not to be still on the ship. Being winched upwards from a small dingy sounds desperate.
Were all six of those people really so sick?
I've never known this before...maybe one, or an ambulance waiting by the port side can happen ....but six in two weeks?
It all reinforces my decision..... never ever again...the feeling persists that there is something drastically wrong with that particular cruise line!

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