Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I see my ship!

Here's a strange thing. The ship I will be sailing away on is here... clearly visible from both my sitting room and bedroom. It's before eight in the morning.
As yet there is no excitement or anticipation. I don't set off until this afternoon and my brain is more concerned with the details of getting on board.
At Southampton there is a big hall with comfortable seating. Here there appears to be a long dock.
My taxi man will deliver me to the dock after which I have no idea of what will happen.
Cunard deals with the luggage speedily and efficiently. Here we are in a whole new ball game. I just hope it doesn't rain.
I hope to be able to blog and the advertisements promise free Wifi. But we will see!
The spirit of adventure has deserted me as yet..I'm just concerned with the nuts and bolts of actually getting on board.
This time I have a single cabin.
Every other time I've had a double cabin and paid for the privilege. Now on a different ship it's not that much cheaper to go single!
A whole lot of firsts are arranging themselves in the worry portion of my brain...
I have my binoculars out! I don't set off for hours...fingers and everything else crossed!

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