Friday, 7 April 2017


Oh hell!
And that is I believe where we are this morning.
Too many words are going to be used during the next days.
The gassing was appalling.
The reply to it doesn't help.
The Russians reaction was predictable.
None of this helps.
Someone throws a stone.
The attacked throws back two.
This is how war starts...
I now pray that the stone throwing is over, the point made...
Lord, forgive them , forgive us.
Comfort those in pain.
Please don't let this be the start of anything worse.......

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1 comment:

  1. Not sure we are in a war scenario. Neither Russia and the USA are going to go that route. More the Cold War scenario with two camps staring each other out, but knowing that pulling the trigger would invite massive retaliation that could destroy both.

    More likely the cold war scenario where proxy wars are fought using third parties to get their message across - pity any state aligned to either party, which has any sort of civil unrest.