Saturday, 1 April 2017

Signs of Spring.

After a damp week the indications are that Spring has sprung.
The sun is out this morning and during the week the garden has sprung into glorious life.
But as well as the bright green leaves on the horse chestnut and the white blossom on the pear tree all the usual predators have arrived.
Snails are chomping.
Yesterday I found several drowsy wasps attempting flight and mostly failing, lying dying in my summer house...I shall need to give it a thorough Spring clean over the weekend...I really don't need the new season marked by an explosion of wasps!
In the house I am finding flies, looking too heavy for their wings making unconvincing flights.
This morning the glass of water next to my bed contains a blue bottle!
Time to start putting a coaster on it.
Spring has sprung.
April Fools day is very dull at Tregear Vean....thank goodness but the various insects etc are doing their very best!

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