Sunday, 7 May 2017

Election blues.

Oh dear.....having just watched a clip of Jeremy saying he's loving every minute of campaigning I just want to weep. Here is a man totally deluded by his own campaign.
I am sure he is a lovely man. I am certain that in his mind he is a winner....after all he tells us that he's been elected twice in the last two years to lead his party.
But the facts speak for themselves....under his leadership the Labour Party is perilously close to being buried....for ever!
I grieve for this party...having spent far too many years as a girl being a ward secretary in it.
I left the party after Tony Blair took us into war on a lie. Nothing since has persuaded me to go back....even now when I hear the death rattle approaching.
It's not too late Jeremy.....there's still time to act by sacrificing yourself. A noble gesture of resignation would help....
His team are a reflection of him...and we need a new team...there must be good people still able to take over if necessary. Time to reassess strategy surely after all the recent losses....especially in Scotland...
Full marks for Mrs May.....her timing is perfect...

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