Saturday, 20 May 2017

Geriatric boating!

I like boats a lot, one of the reasons for cruising!
I've had various boats during my life but gave the last one away after realising that I wasn't using it enough!
Most of my friends still have boats though and I have finally been persuaded to go out this week!
He is a friend of forty odd years and I've been out with him lots of times in the past when I was much younger...
So he is planning a trip out this week....and I am included...
I foolishly said I could still do dinghies!
So now I'm busy working out what I might need for this day out! only pair are short and flowered...not nautical at all!
Jeans....will roll up I think...
I have several life jackets, safe in a wardrobe which is locked.....needless to say I've lost the key!
I know my friend will have all these things..but getting into a small dingy , pushing out and then climbing from the dinghy up onto a much bigger boat is a test! Providing the sea is flat it will be fine. It's when both boats are moving up and down that the transfer from one to another is perilous...for an old lady!
It's something I've done before....but when I was much younger!
My friends wife died three months before David died...he misses her...and so do I...
I will try to enjoy this trip out to's only a day and once on board I shall enjoy it I know!
Much will depend on having a flat sea and a warm sun....stiff upper lip too!
So pass the Scotch....I'm going to need it!

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