Friday, 26 May 2017

Not a good day out!

Yesterday wasn't all disaster but it came close at times...
I was with an old friend who had decided that a beach walk was better than going out in his boat.
I was relieved. I admit it. And the stroll along the beach was lovely as was the meal at the end of it.
Sitting in the sunshine with drink and good food was also  lovely and before we set off back we checked where the tide looked fine...
But as we approached we realised that the group of people ahead of us had turned back.
I asked them if the route was passable.
"Only over the rocks" they replied.
At that stage we had already walked for half an hour....the thought of going back did not appeal .
Getting over the rocks was my problem.
Deep channels, seaweed covered crevasses, jagged edges . In the old days I would have had no problem...but yesterday I did!
I had to do most of the walk on my hands and was particularly hard on the knees but at least I felt safe from slipping and falling.
It took about an hour with the sea roaring up the beach all the time. I was frightened. This was a new I've never had before..together with the feeling of being inadequate.
We made it but a new lesson had been learned...
In the old days I would have had no problem getting over the rocks...but age has taken its toll!
I kept apologising to my friend who had his dog on a lead in one hand and my handbag in the other!
Getting to the other side I had to sit for a good hour whilst the tide roared up the beach.
Getting back to the car was really hard work!
I slept very soundly when I got home and another lesson has been learned....
"Use it or lose it"
I don't walk often enough...certainly over rocks!
During this summer I will take myself off to other beaches...tides allowing. I'm not yet ready to be a sedentary old woman!
But I think the boat trip might have been safer!

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