Monday, 15 May 2017

TV awards!

Last nights BAFTA awards ceremony proved to me that the art of public speaking was dead!
One by one regardless of age they failed to find the right words to fit the evenings joys.
It was just one more occasion that left me slightly bewildered .
I enjoyed watching faces in the audience as they waited to see if they were winners.
I enjoyed the frocks...and the hair and makeup of all the stars as they walked onto the stage but the words spoken often failed to express the joy evident in the winners.
But at least half the programs mentioned were not ones I'd ever come across...the long strings of winners walking onto the stage to respond to their awards left me more puzzled than I've ever been before...
It was even more self indulgent than usual I thought...and I clearly don't watch enough TV because I'd never heard of many of the programs mentioned...
It's an evening I've always watched and enjoyed but last nights offering was simply a bit of a puzzle and gave no clear idea of the real talent celebrated every year...
" The night manager" did well but they seemed to have no idea that it had been written by John LeCarrie...
It's just another indication of my age I suppose...but the whole program was even more self indulgent than usual..and at times incomprehensible.
Oh's clearly age related once again.... and there's not much I can do about that!

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