Thursday, 15 June 2017


I spent yesterday listening to the news in horror!
I can't remember a time when so much bad news took over the news programs.
I wept over my lunch as I heard reports of people trying to keep their babies safe by throwing them to people on the ground.
The pictures of the entire tower blazing were simply horrific.
Anyone living now in a tower block must be very worried at the speed at which the fire spread.
The only good thing is the news of all the people trying to help the survivors who have lost literally everything.
Churches and mosques have become places of safety where people are being looked after as best they can. But nothing can compensate those people who have literally lost everything.
The blame game will start soon and lessons will be learned but right now my prayers are with those people looking for loved ones , those whose lives went up in smoke and those who have lost everything.
The death toll will rise as those looking for their loved ones will not find them.
It is really horrific and helping the survivors to build new lives must be paramount for those in charge...
All we can do is pray....for all those sheltering in shock, all those whose homes and their contents are well as those suffering breathing difficulties and shock!
Lord hear our prayer.

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