Thursday, 22 June 2017


The sun is not shining today but it's still hot. I have enjoyed the heat wave even though I can no longer sit out and get brown.....but yesterday I waited until early evening and then sat quietly in the sunshine .
I had a good sun block on and a big hat but it felt lovely to do what I've done for years!
So this morning I find I have been bitten! Great itchy lumps have come up during the night. Clearly the biters also enjoyed my bask outside!
On the day of summer solstice the radio celebrated with poetry.
All day during small gaps in programming a poem was read.
Summer poems celebrating the fruitful period.
Some of them made me cry....their beauty touched me in unexpected ways...
Full marks to radio 4.
I have a midweek communion this morning . Our numbers are now small and mostly female.....
The church is up a steep hill and our lovely curate carries them up the hill in her car but even with that help the numbers are dropping week by week. But I park on the sea wall and walk up. It's getting harder!
I shall be eighty tomorrow. Oh dear!

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  1. Happy Birthday Jean. I hope that you have a lovely day.

    Our mid-week is growing, perhaps because it is BCP - there seems to be a taste for the Prayer Book, even among younger families. Our 8 am is well attended sometimes into the twenties. Yesterdays mid-week had 19, which we feel is viable.

    Some come mid-week as they struggle with Sunday main CW services. The reality is for those who were raised on the Prayerbook, is that they love its resonance and words - most don't need the assistance of a prayer book as they know the service word for word.

    I often wonder about those parishes that discard or seek to discard the prayer book services are not also abandoning a faithful group of people, who don't make a fuss and will always give and do their best. I know that it's the prayer book generation who sustain much of our outreach, including coffee morning and lunch club. When we need cakes for a fayre or other event, they produce. The WI is active and only recently has the Mothers Union folded due to most young mothers working and not having the time.

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