Saturday, 3 June 2017

Important days!

I am currently busier than I've been for some time. Lots of visitors, half term, very warm weather, they have added up to a lot of people both in church and on my doorstep.
On Thursday there are three separate things in my diary...but the one I am determined to keep is my visit to the polling station.
This is a small hall on a narrow road....I will need to get there early!
By that time I hope to have made up my mind.
I can't remember another general election which has been so riveting.
May would not debate.
She has of course debated with her opponent every week during Prime ministers question time and sees no reason for doing it now.
From memory she has been very nasty indeed on those previous occasions...rude even at times so maybe she doesn't want people to see the horrid side of the Prime minister...
What ever the reason it is I think a major mistake.
Now we are in June I am getting very aware of my forthcoming birthday.
I shall be an octogenarian.
People ask me what I will be doing.
I reply that getting to eighty is not a cause for celebration!
I have made no plans for that day....unlike polling day..
We shall see!

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