Friday, 30 June 2017

Ordination day.

Today I am going to the cathedral for the ordination of our curate. This is always a time to remember my own. I was priested in 2005 and I was already an old woman.
The laying on of hands is an important part of the ceremony...and I shall be glad today to join with several others to do just that. But my own moment when all the priests gathered round was....well...different.
The old priest in the village had assembled several people I was not really
As well as all of the local Church of England priests there was a Methodist minister. She had been one for some time and was glad to help the church drag itself into the twentieth century.
As well as a Methodist there was also a Roman Catholic priest, dragged along by his friend.
They were a motley bunch in hindsight and afterwards I was told that the apostolic succession had now been successfully passed .
It was one of the extraordinary moments of my life, something I had wished for and never believed would happen. Especially at my age!
Getting back to the village afterwards I found a party in my honour going on in the memorial hall. The landlord of the pub had organised it for me!
It was a truly amazing day.
Today  I will meet old friends, some of whom were ordained at the same time as will be good to see them all again. And to see our curate finally able to take all the services.
But I will be glad to pass on my blessing together with the apostolic succession. Thank you God.

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