Sunday, 18 June 2017

Protestant guilt.

Up early to do the eight o'clock communion. There is so much to pray about this week that it's hard to know where to begin. We have decided to use the collection to go into the Grenfell fund...but that's a tiny thing compared to what they need now and will need in the months to come as the weather turns colder!
The latest figure of the supposed dead is 58. But more are expected.
It is a disaster of epic proportions as the need to rehouse people who have lost everything is realised.
Photographs, books, precious memories of childhood and times of joy...impossible to replace....
Bank cards....proof of identity, medical data....all gone in an instant.
But it's the replacing of beds, chairs, tables and finding places that feel like home that will make the next weeks and months so hard to bear for all the dispossessed.
We prayed at our early communion but these people need practical help! Shelter box comes to mind but I imagine temporary dwelling places would not go down too well in Kensington.
Here at home life is good. The sun shines, its full summer. Our gardens look wonderful but somehow this just makes for that worst affliction . Protestant guilt!
I know that's just stupid but it does exist...guilt that other people are suffering whilst we live in paradise! Nothing we can do except contribute money and hope it reaches those who need it and of course pray.
Lord, hear our prayer.

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