Saturday, 10 June 2017

The aftermath.

I was very tired yesterday...after only four hours sleep I woke up to hear the sound of the lawn mower outside! My gardener had arrived! He'd been working for an hour!
I shot out of bed to make him his tea and sticky bun and then joined him in the summer house with my coffee whilst we discussed the events of the night!
He was quite amenable to discussing the nights twists and turns. He's not as old as I am but like me has witnessed several election debacles.
Going back as far as the war neither of us could remember such an odd outcome to an election.
After putting the entire world to rights he got on with cutting the grass whilst I came in to listen to the enfolding story!
It was riveting!
This morning the news reveals that Mrs Mays determination to carry on regardless is causing some concern within her party. I am not surprised!
The speed with which she got the DUP on side to enable her to proceed as PM was amazing. It would normally take a day or two of such talks to work a hung parliament surely?
Over the years we have had many dramatic moments. We have lived through hung parliaments before. They are not easy! Especially if you are negotiating the best way to leave the EU!
Listening to the radio this morning I hear several voices trying hard not to sound over critical but the game seems to be up for our Prime minister! The chance to become the heroine of the hour of the Brexit talks seems unlikely now because this election was her decision. She called it and the gamble failed.
The fact that she has yet to realise it just makes the whole thing worse!

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