Sunday, 30 July 2017

Church joy?

I took the nine thirty service service yesterday in the church that was my nearest church whilst I was married to its church warden, David.
Most of the congregation are friends...I was really looking forward to it..
Greeted very warmly I had relaxed and felt myself beaming at everything until it all went horribly wrong....
Realising I'd missed out a hymn I was trying to put that bit right when I found the procession bringing up the elements was in front of me.
So I moved up to the altar without doing the peace....which I put in later...
It was not quite so chaotic as it felt but it is on my mind this morning..
The church was packed. Another very old friend did the intercessions.
Lots of visitors and children had swelled the numbers as is often the case at this time of the family feeling was enhanced and many of them stayed for coffee felt like a party occasion, embracing all our Christian goodwill and joy.
This morning though I am wondering if all the good wishes showered upon me as I lamented my mistakes afterwards were maybe a signal that I'm now reaching the end of my useful the church.
This week I will take communion to a very sick old friend in the same nursing home where David died...I am told the staff are expecting me.
I am old...and today regretting it...I make mistakes and laugh as I put them right but being a bumbling old priest is not sitting well with me this morning.....arghhh humbug!

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  1. You're positively in the fashion these days - we've had to get used to regular oopsies and not just from the trainee (now priested) junior minister at my usual Sunday Church. The Vicar's first "all-age" service when he arrived set the pattern when he walked backwards into a step he hadn't yet memorised and fell over on his er, reredos. Certainly went down a storm with the children LOL.
    Rather contrasts with my other Church (I "divide my time", in the classic phrase, between two homes at the moment) whose priest used to be a Bishop's chaplain and is presently a senior Freemason. Believe me, the ritual is as spot-on as he can make it given very shortened resources in a poor inner-London congregation many of whom are foreign and/or transient - I take off the hat I don't have every time I go there!
    I don't think you're any way finished yet <3

  2. Sometimes we get it a little wrong. I was deaconing and preaching on Sunday. Not used to having a microphone, meant that I forgot to turn it off, several times. For instance in the Creed and after telling the congregation of offer each other a sign of peace. My Vicar was very good at signalling me discreetly about it, but as this was the first time of my acting as deacon, she was forgiving. At least I managed the introduction to penance properly. Preaching for the first time robed was also exciting and I received some useful feedback. Someone asked me for the script, so that was a bonus. As I fully reference mine, they will have the benefit of the deeper insights that I used to shape the sermon.

    I suspect that I will get better. I only robe if I have a formal role in a service, which means probably six or seven times a year. Other stuff is done from the congregation, which is much more relaxing.

  3. Don't be too harsh on yourself Jean we all make mistakes, whatever our age. But I agree too many and it's time to retire.

  4. Hello UKV, does this mean you are one of this year's #newrevs? If so, congratulations, blessings and best wishes for a long and fruitful service!

  5. I was licensed as a Reader/LLM in May. So, am now doing things in Robes, when appropriate. Ordained ministry passed me by in 2012, when I was not accepted at BAP. It took a while to get over that. But a change of Diocese helped. My ongoing vocation to ministry was recognised and I was accepted for training. 3 years later, licensed. Still have two more modules to complete the full four year program, but the Bishop trusted us (our cohort) enough to license us and let us loose. Half-way through the process, we were awarded the Bishop's Certificate in Christian Ministry, which authorised us to preach and lead services of the Work up to six times a year. Now the door is open. I had led Evensong, which is a privilege and even managed to do the Sung bits after some tuition.

    God has a way of working things out - and in my case,it just took a little longer. But all is formative and growth, and enabling.

  6. Sometimes it takes a few goes to find the right hole
    Every blessing x