Monday, 10 July 2017

Complications everywhere!

After a quiet weekend I now have several things happening. Today I hope to get the new phone up and running.
I have been asked to book meals in various local restaurants on behalf of friends arriving later! The good ones get booked up very quickly in high season!
I have an electrician coming to move a switch for me in the kitchen . At the moment I have to rush out to find someone to climb a ladder for me if my electricity goes off. The young man has been told it doesn't matter how ugly it is...a switch I can reach without help is I think essential now!
It's all age related...
At the same time the world news is more than usually riveting.
Here at home is intrigue, we have a weak government trying to please everyone whilst getting us out of Europe.
I listen to the arguments on various news programs and am starting to think that maybe another vote on Brexit is needed as it's ramifications become evident.
Politicians speaking with real passion are heard daily....I would like to believe all of them...but somehow I don't.
I can't remember another period of time when there were so many balls in the air with no real sense of where they might land .
So let's get on with summer. Cornwall is filling up nicely...

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