Saturday, 15 July 2017

E mail scamming.

There is a new trend in scamming that has emerged this week. They promise me money.
This mornings mail was from someone who insists that I am in her will and she wants to donate some cash now so would I please send her my details.....
Well..... clearly the previous scams based on scaring us by closing down various accounts...which then don't shut down if I don't oblige them are not working terribly well so now we have a new one....the promise of giving us money.
The phone calls this week are on similar lines......all sorts of grants for old people are available.....all I have to do is send them my details...
I never get to the end of these calls I really don't want to know about free boilers or anything else on offer. I just put the phone down.
The emails this week promising me wealth are a new development.
First they scare us then promise us large sums of money.
All we have to is send them our details by which they mean banking details obviously... I no longer click on any link to check.
Do we all get this stuff or is it just us old people?
Does anyone fall for it? I suppose someone must or it wouldn't keep happening.....
I hate being so suspicious in my old normal trusting soul has given way to not trusting anything I don't know for sure.
I could just have scamming mails in my spam box but I prefer to know what's coming my way....that way I can stay alert...
I hope everyone else is too!

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