Sunday, 2 July 2017

Independence Day!

The Fourth of July is bringing all the now familiar collection of American offers. How I got onto these mailing lists as someone from the USA is a recurring mystery to me. The games I play are full of adverts for how to best celebrate my independence from Britain....I really don't want to spend a day playing backgammon!
When I taught in a small school in Rochdale one of my colleagues was American. He got very excited at the end of June, making plans for our staff celebrations. We always had a party after the children had gone home.
Alcohol played a part in this celebration and one year Leon had a great idea!
Would I take in a demijohn of one of my country wines a couple of weeks before the event. I did this and he set up what was clearly a still in the chemi lab.
Unfortunately our head had a good sense of smell and the still was dismantled after one of her strolls around!
Leon was not put out. He turned to plan B. On long shallow trays the wine was placed in a freezer. The ice was taken off every day....and lo we were left with some very strong elderflower wine!
On that particular 4 of July we were all rather late home!

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