Wednesday, 26 July 2017

MOT traumas.

I should be used to the way garages work by this time...heaven knows I've been driving since I was in my twenties.
My first car , a very ugly but much loved old Wolsley needed a lot of attention before the arrival of the dreaded MOT.
Once it became obligatory to send your car in for yearly testing all sorts of traumas have occurred over the years.
As a single mother I sometimes had to chose between buying a new tyre , putting food on the table or buying new shoes for my babies.
Gradually over the years I've got used to the yearly trauma of taking my car to be tested...
The only time I bought a new car and escaped the trauma for three years was simply wonderful but I am in a whole new ball game now, trying to keep David's old Mercedes up and running.
A man from the Merc garage arrived early yesterday morning and I waited for the phone call.
Sure enough lots of things had gone wrong over the last year....with a ten year year old car this was inevitable.
The bottom line here is that it did not make it home last night.
The man who came to drive it in for me left his car here so it's still on my drive...I don't know what my neighbours might have made of that...
I am told my lovely car will come home this morning but I am quietly stealing myself for the size of the bill.
Living miles out of the village means I do need a car here and it's only at times like this that I realise it.
As traumas go this is a small yearly event no longer holds the terror that it did in the past.
An overnight stay in the garage does not bode well but by the time she arrives home ( yes she is a female vehicle ) I will have paid my bill over the phone...
The worst of the trauma will have passed....I think it unlikely that I will celebrate her homecoming by taking her out for a spin...but I will be very glad to see her sitting on my drive again....thanks to all concerned! God even!

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