Sunday, 9 July 2017

New phone!

I may need help tomorrow!
All week I have been trying to get my old iPhone looking better. Bits of its outer layer have started to peel off and I realised how old it is!
I don't use it much to talk with but I do send text messages fairly old friends who are wary of the internet but can manage a phone!
I wondered how long my present arrangement with O2 had to go and lo....I was due an update!
So yes, you've guessed it....I ordered a new one. Iphone 7 is on its way so tomorrow will be fraught!
It's the delicate things like getting the SIM card in place that present me with the problem...
I tell myself that I've done it before so it must be alright.
I look at my trusty old iPhone 5 and wonder if maybe I should just have used some glue!
It's the usual story....and I'm sure it will all be OK eventually!
At least this way Apple won't nag me about updates all the time...and I can keep my number!
Oh and it's pink!

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