Saturday, 29 July 2017

Old friends matter.

Over the years I've moved several times and each move has brought new friends.
Now safely settled here in Cornwall the next move may well be my last....
So it's amazing how many people I can count as old friends..
I tried working out just how long I've known some of them a little while back.
My old college friends are already gone before me...but two old friends are still around....
I worked out the other day how long I've known both of them.
One of them I've known since we met in North Wales...that was somewhere around 1978.
Another I have known since 1983. Or thereabouts...but both are getting closer . They are my oldest friends I think apart from one or two old colleagues one of whom is currently the Mayor of Rochdale!
The very oldest shared an interest in Astrology when we were much younger...
The slightly younger one was a man we met here on holiday with his wife and we have stayed in touch for nearly forty years . He now has a second home here so we see each other fairly frequently .
So now they are both involved again in my life.
A cruise I booked months ago will have my female ex Astrologer on it by sheer chance.
The man would like to be included too but so far I've avoided it...
One of these friends reads this blog. The other doesn' prizes for guessing...
Both of these old friends are a similar age and I'm glad they are around....I need one or two people from previous lives......having lost my nearest and dearest now, they are valued reminders of the woman I once was and the journeys we have all travelled together... long may it continue.

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  1. It is strange that we have friends, life long, given our mobility. I have one or two contact with school friends from over 60h years ago, as does my spouse. We see each other infrequently, but do maintain contact.

    Sharing life stories, including the ups and downs is a journey of discovery and rediscovery,as well as remembering those who have gone before.

    And there are many Army friends from different tours and different places, some who returned to their native places, while, others, like me, resettled elsewhere.

    I have to say, that I read the columns of those who have died in Regimental Magazines, to see, who of those that I served with, have moved onto the next tour. And, sadly, the number increases year on year.

    I count myself fortunate, all of the generation above me died in their sixties, including my father, and my younger sister died a few months ago at age 62. My older sister is still around, aged 69, and in much better health than she has been, as she has got a grip on her health and started a regime of fitness and healthy diet. She is on her own, a Spinster, so we are in Regular contact, but she has a life in care, so seeing her isn't easy.

    We also have grand children, now all young adults. One has just finished her degree in Media Studies and has found a Job. She is also an Adult Instructor with the Army Cadet Force, having been an Cadet since age 13. Three others are also Army Cadets. One is now going off to start nursing training in London, having completed her A Levels and got the necessary grades. Another is in her second year of 6th Form and the youngest twins are about to go into 6th Form in September, having completed their GCSE's. And had a great Prom to celebrate.

    Interesting as we get older, we become more interested in the progress of the younger generations than our own - perhaps not wanting to contemplate how it might go in our older years.