Saturday, 4 November 2017

Memory lapse!

Oh dear. This morning is turning into a nightmare and it's all my fault!
I am booked into a music weekend with several old friends. It started last night and was excellent. An old friend picked me up and got me there.
Last night another old friend arranged to pick me up this morning for the two Saturday sessions.
Sometime during the night I remembered that I'd ordered a Sainsbury's delivery, at the precise time I'm being picked up!
It's too late to change it now.
It's just a horrid reminder that I am rather forgetful these days.
I will have to play the whole thing by ear.
We are booked in for lunch at the hotel which organised the entire weekend.
I am now not even sure if I will get there or not....the delivery time is over a couple of hours....
Playing it all by ear seems the only way to deal with it....I hope to get there at some stage, I just have no idea if it will be in time to eat lunch or not....but I will by that time have lots of food in my fridge so it doesn't really matter.
I just wish that my very old friends were not the witnesses of my elderly frailty...arghhhhh!

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