Monday, 20 November 2017

World angst!

All our world leaders seem to be having a tough time right now.
What is happening in Zimbabwe is both scary and pathetic. Mugabe is refusing to go!
Trump faces hostile polls and tries to get rid of those against him.
Merkel seems to be in trouble.
A non politician is now the president of France.
Here at home May struggles.
The common thread for all of these countries is that us, the people are fed up!
Our politicians seem to be failing us...but I suspect the problems world wide are beyond solving easily.
Now should be the time to turn to God. But. The opposite of that is what is happening. God is now the source of much anger.
There appears to be several Gods in a brief look at the news but of course one God has lots of different names.
In a decade we have seen terrible acts justified by religious zealots and somehow we are all infected by fear and distrust of our leaders...
If things are going wrong there has to be someone to blame...and our leaders are held responsible for everything .......obviously, it has to be someone's fault. Time for prayer....again!

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fistymerry said...
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Ray Barnes said...

Good. It was completely incomprehensible anyway.
Whatever possesses these illiterate Gremlins to try to sneak onto an established blog ?
Long live the alert blog administrator🤓

UKViewer said...

Random thoughts on the world could make you deeply depressed. I try to live in hope, you can't ignore how the world is, but Zimbabwe seems to show a peaceful transition of power from a Dictator to who knows what, the successor is a known quantity, who seems to have been good for their economy in the past, but was tainted by his association with the Dictator, who resigned just before he was pushed by impeachment.