Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Deeply moaning....

We are on the last leg home. I hate to admit this as it feels like a failure but really I am glad to be going home tomorrow.
It hasn't helped that I've been
Shadows of lost love lie everywhere waiting for the unwary!
I have made some friends but because I've spent so much time coughing on my own in my cabin I haven't really had time to really get to know people properly...
I still have a couple of inches of scotch in the bottle bought when I first succumbed to this dreadful cold, so it's not all bad news....
I can't see anyway I am ever going to want to travel the world on QM2 again.
They have done a magnificent job with the remastering, all the carpets and fittings are looking wonderful but somehow the organisation keeps coming adrift despite their best efforts...
There too many quietly disgruntled people around...things have not gone quite as they had expected...
The shows have been good, the restaurant arrangements excellent but still a nagging doubt survives...
Yesterday for instance we were all ordered to attend the safety at sea lecture where we are taught to put on our life jackets...
This is the third one I have been ordered to two weeks this is a bit much...
"This is a requirement of maritime law" bellows out over the airwaves...
Three times in two weeks? It's because of the way the whole cruise has been's not one cruise, it's several and for those who have come from New York and are going back to it , it has become a harassment too far!
Yesterday I just stayed on my bed and snarled at all the instructions. has not been a happy trip which is not Cunards fault but some of it is!
Today is packing day...
My case got lost on arrival here so I am hoping not to have a repeat performance.
It's not often I blog so miserably...normal service should be resumed when I get back to Cornwall! DV!

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Monday, 29 August 2016

Weird or just sad?

This has just been too weird a trip! I am on the Cunard flagship surrounded by a huge number of Germans.
This morning I turned up at the theatre to listen to a lecture on the Royal family and I waited patiently for it to start ,aware of no English at all being spoken around me.
All became clear as I realised that the lecture I was waiting for was in German....oooops!
Outside on deck people are lying about in glorious sunshine....which is another thing I can't do any more!
Unfair is not a useful word in this context but somehow it is the way I feel right now!
We are in the North Sea which is only slightly ruffled .
I have tried to console myself by buying too much stuff all of which has to be carried off at the end!
I am starting to believe the friend who said God was picking on me which is ridiculous and I know it but nothing has been normal, nothing is what I expected.
I am keeping to the routine Michael and I followed on the last four cruises.
I  am drinking our lunch time drink. Gin!
I have spent far too much money !
I have only one consolation. At home in Cornwall it's August Bank holiday! And by the end of the week the exodus will have started...
So light is appearing dimly at the far end of the tunnel!

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Goodbye to Norway.

Yesterday was a flurry of activity ...Stavanger was a lovely place with lots of wooden houses painted white....
So popular were they that their residents have now been forbidden to paint them any other colour . They have to remain white.
I was reminded of the time when the painter in St Mawes asked me if my house was to stay white and I replied thoughtfully
"I was thinking of pink for the next time!"
And I was only partly joking...
My house, like the ones in Norway stayed white....
I have seen lots of wonderful things...met many lovely people but hated every bloody minute of it... Especially the door between my cabin and the next one which should have been open!
Norway is lovely. No argument there...
Today is a sea day so I can have a rest again..
I am feeling a little I can walk around the ship and in the sunshine greet people I have got to know!
Tomorrow we land in Hamburg...where most of the German guests will disembark...presumably to allow more to get on.
It may be some time before I come back in this direction. Too much pain.
Too many bad memories. And I'm still coughing for Britain!

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Saturday, 27 August 2016


I am feeling a little better...but. This bug has munched my brain....I have told everyone at home that I'm back on Tuesday...but that is two days before the actual event!
I am still coughing for Britain...and feeling fragile but that is a massive improvement on how I felt earlier.
So today is the last stop in Norway...we are going to Stavanger!
I have a trip booked and I might go on it...much will depend on how I feel when I start moving!
This has been a bad couple of weeks....not actually Cunards fault but everything , coloured with loss has been hard to cope with even before the bug got me!
Everyone else on board seems to be having a good time, even the girl on my table who had to find a dentist in Bergen...
No trip has been so miserable but that was to be expected I think.
I have made friends...some of whom may keep in touch..
It hasn't put me off cruising...but I shall not be dashing to go anywhere for a while...I am happy to stay put at home for some time is still the most beautiful place in the world!

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Going to the doctors...

Now this is getting ridiculous....I have spent a couple of hours this morning at the doctors... It's not the first time...David and I had to go before flying home from Capetown on a previous cruise on this ship!
Quite a lot of people are now walking around coughing....and I'm told our table was depleted by more than me last night!
We are moored in a most beautiful fiord. Flam is the name of the village. I am booked on a tour this afternoon but the young doctor from South Africa asked me not to I won't....another day in my cabin is not the end of the world...
Small irritations mount up when you are feeling rotten. This afternoon my door key failed to let me in so off I went to get it fixed. On coming "home"I got in but on trying to get onto the net it locked me out....the letters on the card had changed!
Off I went again...the girl on the desk fixed it for me and I now hope to be able to post this tomorrow.
You learn to take nothing for granted these day..
It's now two days since I had any food...I'm not fit to sit at the table...I would feel bad if I gave them all this hideous cold as a parting gift!
A man I spoke to at the beginning has clearly not had the same problem. He has at least doubled in girth since we started!
Room service will bring me something later...I'm sure..
Much later.
I slept extremely well last night and an awake and ready to rejoin the world again...the medicine seems to have worked!
We are in Bergen..last visited on an Olsen cruise...a lovely place! Fingers crossed I shall see some of it!

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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Too poorly to party

I finally succumbed. The dreaded bug laid me low. That added to the look of horror as I approached coughing and sneezing near anyone else meant that for today I confined myself to quarters!
I have a balcony so I can still sit outside to see the sea! And what do I see....I see the sea....unrelenting miles of it!
It's just as well Michael is not here.....he booked this cruise on his own without me....and I'm very glad he can't see the wreck gazing into the distant ocean....
I can't say in all honesty that I have enjoyed this cruise...going ashore I have flagged...failed to keep up with the rest....
This is the worst day so far...being unable to breath in is a bit of a problem!
I'm home next Tuesday. Unless I go into the briny at some point.
The people on my table are lovely but I think it might be a relief when I don't turn up tonight....I have now joined the two ladies in the next cabin who haven't been seen for a week! I'm assuming they are still alive!
My steward took it very well when I explained that I didn't need my room done....I was just going back to bed anyway!
I shall see how I am in the morning....I would like to see all the waterfalls at Flam...
One consolation is that I have been here before...I already knew how beautiful Norway is....
This is not the cruise Michael had booked for is a very very sad one but I shall always be glad I've done it.
Every day at home if I'd stayed put would have been a least this way I've done it! It will though be some time before I set sail on the Queen Mary 2 again.... I had hoped it's refit would have sorted out its air conditioning problems because this malaise that assails me is much the same as the last time I was on it...
Not a happy woman but at least I've done it!

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

A shout in a crowd!

This morning, getting off the ship there were the usual number of people queuing hopefully to reach dry land.
Suddenly a shout went up.
We all froze. No other words came with it. But who had shouted it?
We are now in the world of possible violence. No one is safe and because we have seen it reported on the nightly news that before some attacks the words
"Allah is great" are shouted , just the one word shouted in the middle of a great crowd of people concerned us all.
Maybe because we were too old and slow to react but the shout over we all went back to queuing to get off! A momentary shock subsided...
Later I discussed this with two Germans who had recently been in Paris.
They had also heard the one word shouted. Their first reaction was to drop to the ground! No one did that...but it made those of us who heard it worry a little.
We live in dangerous times. We can no longer take our personal security for granted.
It was I am sure someone's idea of a joke...but shouters beware...a crowd could turn nasty very quickly!

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