Monday, 18 September 2017

Sea days.

Having done Venice yesterday I am tired today.
There was a lot of walking!
We now have the joy of two days at sea. During these days I have so many choices of activity that right now, sitting up in my bed, with the sea rushing by, clearly visible through the transparent perspex on my balcony, I am not rushing.
The sun is not yet up but I will not be joining the huge numbers of sun worshippers lying about by the pools outside.
There have been a lot of retrospective lectures during the cruise, celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of Cunard , including talks on the QE2s place in the Falklands war when she carried troops home from the war zone.
As yet I haven't been drawn to any of these...but over the next couple of days I may yet find myself in the mood for reminiscing, both private and en mass!
Just now though I am enjoying the peace, the chance to rest and chat and just relax after all the rush of the last few days.
A friend has recommended that I go to the beauty parlour. She says it's very relaxing! How much more relaxed can I get? And do I need to have a facial?
My own choice is to leave well alone.
The usual parties are taking place over the next few days...I have no idea which invitations I will be accepting...
I have become a creature of whim...but that really is one of the joys of cruising!
A quick cruise through what's on offer today. .....foil fencing, several arty talks....I may go to the one on Lowry...several quizzes...sports desk stuff, talks by retired commodores and one social hostess....
Gosh. The choice fortunately is mine!

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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Venice hates us.

Ok.....we are now docked off Venice. This is a completely different arrangement than last time when we were at anchor at sea and I took a lagoon ride around the grand canal without ever setting foot on dry land.
This time I'm not sure I'll get off.
So many people are giving me a lot of information about going , it has become a huge question mark in my head.
I am not as tired as yesterday since I stayed put on board after a huge thunderstorm drenched everyone and everything completely...
My age is becoming apparent.
I am waiting to see how I'll feel when I've had breakfast and the major embarkation has taken place.
We all need our passports...that's not a problem....
I keep remembering the TV program where the inhabitants of this place told the world how much they hated the cruise ships. Far from welcoming our spending power they detest it and us as a daily visitation of hell!
I don't want to go to a place where we are hated.
I would like to walk around St Marks square...of course I would but right now it feels unlikely that I will.
We shall see......

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Saturday, 16 September 2017


We are mooring up in Split. It's a much bigger place than I imagined....
I have no tour booked and feel no inclination to go yet.
I am tired now, too old for the non stop activity I used to relish. A day in seems my best option though that could change.
Lots of young people come here I'm told for the beaches and water sports.
Here on the ship I may look out my swimming things and get wet later!
Both pools are very inviting . The sun is not out. Perfect!
I am meeting some lovely or two old friends as well....
My biggest challenge is coming up....I have nothing booked for Venice.
Everyone tells me I will need a tender ticket but then someone else denies it.
I am waiting to see.
I am totally relaxed now and really rather fatalistic. What will be will be. I'm not charging about, I'm not desperate to do everything possible...just what appeals to me at the time...and today that's not much.
This doesn't mean I'm not enjoying this experience. I am. But I have remembered that today is Sunday....a day for prayer as well as dashing be it Lord.

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Friday, 15 September 2017

End of the line.

Gosh I'm getting dozy..... well, more than usually dozy lately.
A friend on this ship arranged today's meeting yesterday and I couldn't remember any of it this morning.....
We are in Dubrovnik. It's very beautiful, I have been here before. This morning we are going to a small village called's much like where I live in St Mawes....
Last time I was here a much loved friend had died and I was missing her funeral so in Cavtec I found two glorious churches and lit candles for her...I want to do much the same again this morning...
Dubrovnik is a busy bustling town...I might not get into it but later I intend to try...
This signals the end of this particular trip....after here we are turned around to return home.
I will be glad to get back to normality in some ways but gosh I am a lucky woman to be able to do all this...I will never take it for granted....thank you God.

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Thursday, 14 September 2017

Trump again!

We are gliding into Corfu. Now!
I regret to admit that I hadn't realised that we have four days of non stop activity. I had assumed that there would be a day between stops and there isn't.
This is obviously my fault but I am glad to have at least got a morning till my tour starts. So I am in bed watching TV..
"This is the stupidest president in history " are words repeated frequently.
All the television news programs are focussed on Trump again .
He really is his own worst enemy!
I love the Fox News and the MSNBC news programs I get on the TV in my cabin.
They tackle the problem that is becoming evident daily in America with gusto and this morning are actually joking about Trumps inability to steer a straight path through the swamp of opinions after Charlottesville.
The way he treated Mr Sessions is also under discussion. Every journalist agrees that his bluster must hide guilt.
Unfortunately it is taking their gaze off North Korea!
Whilst I rest a little this morning before setting off to explore this beautiful Greek island I will watch the breaking news yet again.
No one could be bored. I'm not!

Watching the news after posting that I am actually stunned by how much Trump is disliked.
One man Michael Moore has a new catch phrase...."Donald Trump out smarted us all. He got elected."
Who knows how this will play out?   It's fascinating stuff!  But we are talking world safety here!

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Wednesday, 13 September 2017


We have arrived in Messina. It's still early and I haven't been here before. From my balcony I see a beautiful city with glorious churches.
Cunard have changed their way of getting us onto the buses.
In the past we went to the ball room to register and wait to be called.
Now we just walk off and get on to the bus...hopefully the right one.
This suits us all.
Awake very early I am still in bed watching the buildings get bigger as we approach...
I have made friends on this trip as always...there are lots of lovely people here and I have been surprised by how often a conversation ensues.
Today's tour is called "Leisurely Messina " so I am guessing it's a coach tour as I have no memory of what it said in the original blurb.
The last time I arrived in Sicily it was on the Fred Olsen boat. As I have obliterated the entire trip from my mind I can't remember anything about it....that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!
People much younger than me are off doing adventurous things which I would have loved ten years ago. But a coach trip suits me now.
So be it...time to get dressed...

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Fellow travellers.

The best thing about travelling on board this big ship is the variety of people.
All shapes, sizes and colours are represented. Mostly we are British and I have met several Lancastrians as we go.
What is wonderful is the fact that where ever I sit there is almost always someone to talk to.
This is for me the best part of cruising.
Yesterday for instance I had breakfast with two Americans who turned out to be just as anxious about Trump as I am.
I had lunch with two of my oldest friends from North Wales....we are planning another lunch before the end of the cruise.
The people on my table are all ready to chat, dance, swim and put the world to rights...
I have been to the late night show with one lady several times and her sheer joie de vivre is amazing. The days at sea are never dull. Lots of lectures and films are laid on.
You can learn how to play bridge in the card to complete gigantic jigsaws, take books from a very well,stocked library.
Boredom is not an option.
I am enjoying the days at sea..though so far we haven't seen much wild life...but sometimes the dolphins travel with us along with the flying fish.
Every day brings a new world experience...every chance meeting a new potential friend or an old acquaintanceship renewed.
I have woken up late this morning but it makes no difference...the world is out there , waiting... viva la difference!

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