Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Feet finding!

Yesterday, the first day of the voyage was not really good. I try to do the things I used to do with David to find they no longer exist!
I waited patiently for a talk to start in one theatre wondering why there were so few in the audience to find it was in the Planetarium. By the time I got there there was standing room only!
I can watch it later on the cabin TV
By taking various false routes I finally found the Commodore club, much loved by David and then Michael. Sitting up there drinking a Long Island iced tea whilst looking out at the rolling waves is lovely.
The Captain has gone south to get us to New York...we are currently crossing the Bay of Biscay which must be unusual for this trip!
I discovered last night that I had not packed a night gown so off I went to the shop the next morning. .
They don’t sell nighties on board so I went for the hugest male tee shirt I could find.
The girl advised me to check the measurements until I told her it was to sleep in.
Oh well, they need some amusement on this ship!
I could have spent the month sleeping naked but the thought of having to move fast in the night settled that decision. A very big tee shirt it is!
A day later
I spent the evening in my cabin last night, not because I was feeling poorly but because I just couldn’t face going down for supper. There is another change on this ship, I have not been given the number of a table where several single travellers eat together but told to just turn up as and when...
I’m not really enjoying it much so far...I expect I’ll get used to it but the chances of making friends with the people on your table has gone...so staying at home seems like a good idea...especially as I had a bottle of Scotch delivered last night.
I can’t remember feeling like this before on any cruise....it can only get better!

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Monday, 17 September 2018

Day one!

Well safely on board I am having to attempt to remember where everything is. I’m told it’s all been moved but nothing so far is where I thought it might be.
The usual Cunard arrangements seem to be in place but it’s all very unfamiliar.
I’m not exactly lost at sea but I’m getting there.
Last night at dinner I was placed on a table with three other guests who had eaten already. When they left I was not happy to be on my own. I’m told I can wander in and out at will...no need to book just walk in and sit down!
But last night I presided over an empty table in the huge dining room.
This morning I found a couple also a bit disconcerted by the changes so at least we had common feeling!
I have no idea if I can get this posted....everyone around me seems to be in the same boat as me! Literally at sea!
The stateroom on the twelfth floor is exactly like all the previous ones I’ve had...so nothing to complain about..but this ship at the moment feels very foreign.
I will get used to it..but hopefully sooner rather than later.
A lecture on Bletchley Park beckons...
I think I can find my way.....

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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Just hanging about!

I will hopefully post this in the morning but as I’m being picked up at 7 am it might not happen till later....
I have reached the stage of my packing where part of my head knows it’s all done but the other part queries it.
I am checking to see if all my bits and pieces are safely loaded. Even if they are not there are useful shops on board which sell the sort of stuff I’m likely to run out of!
I am aware though that my age is starting to slow me down...a bit.
I’ve actually been using the stairlift for everything, including myself....
One large, one medium and one small case are sitting looking at me. I am looking back.
I’ve explained to everyone here that I am off again , they are used to it.
So far there is no one on this cruise that I know...but I often meet people from other cruises once I’m on board...and then I have to pretend that I remember their names....
Two people I’ve met before have left me messages on my phone to say "Bon voyage"
The man next door will walk around the garden whilst I’m away as I do the same for him....
So far so OK!
I’ve even remembered my swimming things which may well mean I won’t use them but at least I’ll have the choice.
But the bottom line now is that I think I’ve done it...all I have to do is sip my whisky Mac at bedtime and be up at dawn!
So here I am hours later....ready to go! Sort of!

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