Wednesday, 7 December 2016


My painter will finish today.
He has done a wonderful job and not been any sort of a problem in the house...this is in contrast to the various men who preceded him.
It could be January before I get everything back into place...
Next week I have to start packing for my Christmas trip....the trick will be to find things...
Today I am going out to lunch with a friend...and finding something to wear for that has been.....interesting!
My hair is unruly . The only clothes I can wear are get into my wardrobe is an exercise in getting through great sheets of plastic! So I've settled for what I was wearing on Sunday, minus the dog collar...
I am very, very tired. It was the wrong time for all this but I am glad it's done.
My cards are just about written...bottles of wine are waiting to be bestowed, presents wrapped, I've managed to get all the incidental things done...but it's still been exhausting...
It will take several days to get the house straight after the painter has left...but there's no need to rush at it. That's what I'm telling myself but somehow I'm not convincing myself!
Next time I have one of my good ideas please someone stop me...I'm getting too old for all this. But the alternative is to  stit quietly and wait for the grim reaper to visit and I'm not yet ready for that....not quite!

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A legacy in pictures.

The grim reaper is about this morning. Over the last weekend several sad deaths have been brought to my attention. I have noticed before that death seems to come in clumps hereabouts.
Particularly in the next village where I used to live.
One year we had nineteen die inside a week....which in a small community affected every one.
So far I have news of three people who have gone aloft recently but more are expected!
It's just one more reminder that none of us is immortal....nor would we want to be I think.... the last lady who died yesterday was a well known village character....she will be much missed by everyone...including me.
But she has left her legacy in the shape of very many evocative photographs of this glorious part of the world...all shared regularly on Facebook.
I hope that my memorial might be this blog....tracing my hopes and fears day by day as sadness is replaced by laughter, anxiety by certainty and all points in between...
Mary will be missed.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Painting success!

Week two of the decor transformation of my house is underway!
The sitting room is done and most things are back in place. It looks beautiful.
This week he is tackling my bedroom.
It's going pink. Ahem!
Earlier everything apart from the enormous bed was moved out. Some of it is now in the sitting room or on the landing..but the bed stayed...
Before he went home the decorator moved a small chest of drawers back into place after asking me which side I slept on! I have got a lamp to read by too!
I've never had such a considerate painter before!
The whole second story of the house has been moved around and yet he has made sure that I can sleep and get dressed in the morning!
At my bedroom window is an old sheet tucked into the top of the window so no one can see in!
If anyone tried they would need binoculars in Falmouth to glimpse me!
I am touched by his courtesy and kindness and impressed by the methodical way he works...
The next morning!
Having just spent a night in my room I have now to find something to wear...
It's going to be an odd collection but as I have no appointments today it doesn't really matter......
There are no mirrors here at present so I it's all going to be hit and miss the run up to Christmas it is total disruption but the man doing it all could not be more considerate. Thank you God....I'll get some cards written today!

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

World angst!

It's hard to imagine a quiet peaceful Christmas this year. Change this country the Brexit vote seems to have started a wave of discontent over the entire globe...
Trump seems set to upset other world leaders by his own naivety .
Politicians leaders as far away as New Zealand are just giving up...
The Italian prime minister resigns after shock poll results on constitutional reform.
Every day bad news hit the airwaves.
Banks have contributed to this feeling having gambled and lost a huge amount of money over the last few years..
There are good news stories to be found..but the overall feeling is of dread, of change, of a lack of certainty about anything...
New health threats appear.
Huge numbers of people are running away from war torn countries making refugee crisis anxieties for everyone even whilst we are sympathetic.
Far right groups seem to be gaining strength all over the world.
The approaching festive season will hopefully makes a small contribution to the feel good factor....but it's hard to imagine what 2017 will bring...
In small communities wonderful groups are helping those less fortunate. Lots of good news can be found but the slow build up of anxious global change is the predominant feeling this morning I'm afraid.

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Back to normal!

I am getting tired.
A week of non stop activity has taken its toll. It is in contrast to weeks of total quiet and introspection.
Things are happening all the time now. Every day brings a new challenge.
My diary brings no help during the next week. Something is happening every day.
At the same time I am still being decorated. My bedroom is going to be done this week. Just getting into my wardrobe is going to be a test!
To have this level of activity before Christmas is just some of the things in my diary may not happen...
Today though I have to move stuff like my pills and potions from my dressing table....putting them where I can find them during the week is the test!
The spare room already holds stuff from the sitting room not yet returned to its place!
All of this coincides with  starting my packing for my Christmas trip!
I know it will be worth it in the end...people who have seen my sitting room now it's done are very impressed...and my bedroom really does need a coat of paint!
Meanwhile...this morning I have the eleven o'clock service at my local church...followed by getting the recycling out for tomorrow morning...
Only then can I start moving my stuff off the dressing table...
Tomorrow morning in the middle of all this chaos I have an appointment at the doctors...I hope he's not going to take my blood pressure.......

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Friday, 2 December 2016

Village festivity!

As the world grows more dangerous daily my thoughts turn to home....and this idyllic village I now live in.
Tonight at dusk we celebrate the start of the festive season by turning on the lights of the Christmas tree.
A brass band will be there and we will sing carols...
My mind has been mentally searching for the prayers and stories that traditionally enhance this happy occasion. It is full of joyful anticipation, a celebration of the season to come....involving the locals in the village who seldom attend Sunday services. But they will turn out in force tonight!
I first presided over this occasion about ten years ago...and before that a similar occasion in the next village.
Lights have been festooned. A festive appearance will grace all the small villages on the Roseland.
Every year the number of people willing to erect the lights gets smaller...but somehow it all gets done even when the wind and rain make it seem impossible.
It's a time for joy , for anticipating the birth of the Christ child.
It's also a time for villagers to get together! It's done early before the Christmas visitors arrive...
A truly heart warming village occasion...Alleluia!
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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Alfi arriving.

We are at the end of the first week of the painter and decorator. My sitting room has to have its curtains and pictures back up and the furniture moved back into place!
It is looking lovely ....the man took pictures on his phone so he can get everything back into its original position .
This morning also I have a preliminary visit from Alfi!
Alfi stands for. "Assisted living for independence."
It's taken a little while but knowing how cut off I am here and how fast I am aging I have finally had to admit that I the future need help!
It's a pendant worn around the neck , hidden under clothing but that I can press if in need, if I fell, or got ill in the night etc.
People here have been telling me I need one...and I know they are right....but I had to come to it in my own time...and it will give me some peace of mind as I clamber around my old farmhouse...
My friend Michael had one which he did press before being taken to hospital with his stroke...
He had told me several times that I needed is on its way!
It's been the busiest week here for a very long time and it's not over yet.
We have the switching on of the Christmas lights in the village on Saturday and I have a big Advent service on Sunday and then the decorator is back on Monday to start my bedroom....
It's all part of the Christmas build up with little extras thrown in...but I'm looking forward to a lie in tomorrow....being up, dressed and ready to make the first brew of the day by eight am is losing some of its joy!

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