Friday, 26 May 2017

Not a good day out!

Yesterday wasn't all disaster but it came close at times...
I was with an old friend who had decided that a beach walk was better than going out in his boat.
I was relieved. I admit it. And the stroll along the beach was lovely as was the meal at the end of it.
Sitting in the sunshine with drink and good food was also  lovely and before we set off back we checked where the tide looked fine...
But as we approached we realised that the group of people ahead of us had turned back.
I asked them if the route was passable.
"Only over the rocks" they replied.
At that stage we had already walked for half an hour....the thought of going back did not appeal .
Getting over the rocks was my problem.
Deep channels, seaweed covered crevasses, jagged edges . In the old days I would have had no problem...but yesterday I did!
I had to do most of the walk on my hands and was particularly hard on the knees but at least I felt safe from slipping and falling.
It took about an hour with the sea roaring up the beach all the time. I was frightened. This was a new I've never had before..together with the feeling of being inadequate.
We made it but a new lesson had been learned...
In the old days I would have had no problem getting over the rocks...but age has taken its toll!
I kept apologising to my friend who had his dog on a lead in one hand and my handbag in the other!
Getting to the other side I had to sit for a good hour whilst the tide roared up the beach.
Getting back to the car was really hard work!
I slept very soundly when I got home and another lesson has been learned....
"Use it or lose it"
I don't walk often enough...certainly over rocks!
During this summer I will take myself off to other beaches...tides allowing. I'm not yet ready to be a sedentary old woman!
But I think the boat trip might have been safer!

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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Day out!

Down here we are cut off from much of what's happening in the rest of the country but the visitors seem to be arriving in droves...including a very old friend of forty odd years.
I can no longer sit in the sun for hours.....I do half an hour wearing sun block and that's enough...but I'm still being taken to a beach this morning , an outing planned weeks ago!
This beach was voted in the top ten beaches in the world and it is glorious...
In the past I would have taken my costume and swum more than I walked...I'll see how it goes.....
At the end of the walk is a lovely restaurant. So we can talk and eat and drink, not necessarily in that order! The last time we did it the tide had cut us off so sooner than walk a long way back by land I might take a taxi number with me....
I've checked my drinks cabinet.....the Pimms and the lemonade are ready!
Also very unexpectedly I got a parcel yesterday!
It was from Fred Olsen!
After complaining about the last cruise I talked to someone on the phone who understood my miseries only too well. She sent me a parcel.,
A bottle of wine, quite a good one, some cheese and biscuits and a jar of chutney! Perfect for a picnic!
It won't make me want to sail with them again but it does show that they are not all bad....and they are listening! I think!
So summer,, bring it on...pass the sunscreen and a big hat...and try to forget the grief and the anger which boils up every time I listen to the news...
We will keep the silence....

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Manchester two.

I am so proud of my fellow Lancastrians. The reports of people helping each other in the face of horror are typical of the people I grew up with.
Some of the stories have been harrowing. Families searching for their lost children sometimes to find them amongst the casualties.
Heart rending stories fill the air waves.
And I am taken back to the days when the first arrivals landed in this country.
They came from different countries at the outset. Bangladesh, people fleeing from Idi Amins regime in Uganda.
We made them welcome...taught them English, made sure they were not treated badly.
To find the hatred demonstrated by attacking young people enjoying a pop concert is simply totally alien to anything I have ever experienced.
The only way to cope with all this is Love.
We are human....if attacked with hate it is a natural reaction to fight back with anger and hatred...
But my fellow Lancastrians are demonstrating the opposite.
"Love one another as I have loved you" words spoken by Jesus on His way to the cross. These words were never more potent..
I watched the meeting in Albert square last the past such meetings I attended were always political. But last night it was love being demonstrated. People were waiting to show each other love, kindness, peace.
It was as though in the face of such wickedness, such evil, they had to demonstrate Christian love.
I am so proud of them....these are the Lancastrians I grew up with and was part of.
The northern bit of me is still strong I find....prayers are all I can offer.
And as we approach Ascension Day tomorrow I will join my prayers to all those ascending too!
Lord have mercy.

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Monday, 22 May 2017

Manchester !

I woke to a description of the appalling aftermath left by a suicide bomber in Manchester!
For several years I used Victoria station to get to work...I know it well.
The Arena wasn't built then....the streets around the station were scruffy and presumably pulled down to build a concert hall!
The cathedral isn't far away and that's where I should be this morning...
The wickedness of a suicide bombing in such a crowded place full of happy young girls is extraordinary.
What sort of person went to a concert , saw the joy of young people at a pop concert and then detonated hell!
Many people were caught by bolts, presumably packed into a rucksack to deliver even more deaths and injuries. I heard them described as "dockland confetti"
The killer had determined to cause as many deaths as possible. And as many injuries...
As well as grieving for those caught by the blast, for the families waiting for news of their loved ones I am wondering about the mindset of the killers...
Islamic terrorism in a place I know so well was until this morning unthinkable..
Here in Cornwall all I can do is pray...for all those affected, for those who are left hurt and for those who are waiting for news of their loved ones..
Dear God give strength to those who are hurting..and those who have lost a loved one.

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Weeks of debate!

So many things of interest in the news at the moment. I am glad Mrs May is not getting all her own way in the lead up to the election. The tax levied on us ancients feels wrong if we start to suffer some dementia sometime in the future after a lifetime of paying in to the system.
The move of the Royal Bank of Scotland share holders also directly affects me...after my first husband took all his bonuses in bank shares in the knowledge that they would bring in much needed extra income in our old age. They haven't obviously!
Listening to Trumps speech exhorting Muslim countries to expel the hatred that inspires so many ghastly acts throughout the world cheered me up no end...and that's a first!
Brexit anxieties were not helped yesterday listening to Boris Johnson talking about it!
The general election is not going all the Torys way but it's clear that unless a miracle happens it's going to be business as usual. The programs I've watched so far have not given me much to cheer about...especially the one last week avoided by both May and Corbyn!
Debate is needed prior to an election and the party leaders who did turn up were very good...especially I thought Caroline Lucas!
May seems intent on not being asked difficult questions which can't do her any good surely?
If you really believe in what you are proposing why refuse to debate them?
We still have weeks of this. It can only get better!

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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Geriatric boating!

I like boats a lot, one of the reasons for cruising!
I've had various boats during my life but gave the last one away after realising that I wasn't using it enough!
Most of my friends still have boats though and I have finally been persuaded to go out this week!
He is a friend of forty odd years and I've been out with him lots of times in the past when I was much younger...
So he is planning a trip out this week....and I am included...
I foolishly said I could still do dinghies!
So now I'm busy working out what I might need for this day out! only pair are short and flowered...not nautical at all!
Jeans....will roll up I think...
I have several life jackets, safe in a wardrobe which is locked.....needless to say I've lost the key!
I know my friend will have all these things..but getting into a small dingy , pushing out and then climbing from the dinghy up onto a much bigger boat is a test! Providing the sea is flat it will be fine. It's when both boats are moving up and down that the transfer from one to another is perilous...for an old lady!
It's something I've done before....but when I was much younger!
My friends wife died three months before David died...he misses her...and so do I...
I will try to enjoy this trip out to's only a day and once on board I shall enjoy it I know!
Much will depend on having a flat sea and a warm sun....stiff upper lip too!
So pass the Scotch....I'm going to need it!

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Publishing my book!

Whilst I was off on the last cruise a new notion kept arriving in my inbox.
But as there was virtually no wifi on board I only opened the emails occasionally on shore...
It was a book publishing company rejoicing in the name, "Blessed Hope publishing."
Clearly this is a a religious group who say very nice things about my scribbles!
On getting home I agreed to send them the manuscript of my Joey book...the fictional story of Jesus visit to Cornwall.
Having received it they are now proposing to make it into a proper book, on actual paper....
I regret that I haven't spent much time looking into this group...apart from a quick google...but I have to admit that it would be quite nice to have it published properly as opposed to it being an ebook.
Vanity, vanity thy name is woman! These are the words running through my head...
They have not asked me for any money...they say they will send me a copy of the book but clearly there's much more I need to know...
I may be sleep walking into before I give them any more information I would value some input please........

Thanks to those who sent me information....I have yet to assimilate it. But right now it looks dodgy...they are asking me for a great deal of personal information...but I have read what others have said and I am content to leave Joey as an's still being downloaded and read according to be it!

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