Monday, 23 July 2018

Watering the garden!

Cornwall is going golden. Fields all around us are gloriously coloured but of course it’s not all good news.
This prolonged period of heat means there has been no rain.
My lawn is now orange. This lawn is actually what was cow pasture ten or so years ago.
It would be silly to attempt to water it but I have lots of pots full of wonderful flowers and they do have to be watered.
I have never attempted to use a hosepipe here as I used to do in Essex. There’s just too much ground.
What I do have are water buts thanks to David.
He put in two very large containers before he died. All the water falling on our roof feed two very large containers.
I am almost at the end of one of them. But the other one is still full.
Every night I fill the watering can to keep the flowers going that sit on my patio.
The orange lawn will recover. There’s far too much of it to even attempt a rescue.
This is what life in Essex used to be like...but it’s the first time here..
This weather looks unlikely to break any time soon. The beaches are full, it can only be good news for the tourist industry in Cornwall...but it’s a different story for the farmers.. I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everyone...
I am very grateful for David’s forethought in putting in the water buts...I can water without guilt.!
Thank you God.
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Sunday, 22 July 2018

Hello bulls!

We are getting used to this lovely weather. The meadow in front of this house has been mowed, the hay collected into great bundles which last week were collected and taken off to the farmers barn.
The entire area is now golden...and very beautiful .
The resident cows returned this week. They are mostly young bulls and they are lovely to watch.
They play. Watching them play fight, butting each other , mounting each other, chasing occasionally gives me a lot of interest and pleasure during the summer months.
It is noticeable that the number of walkers has decreased. The coastal path leading right in front of this house is often very busy....but not at the moment.
A few young bulls in the fields is an excellent deterrent.
It also provides me with lots of interest. I try very hard not to give them names...because I get fond of my near neighbours....
The hard bit is when the farmers arrives to get them into his van.
We know what this means and David and I could not eat steaks for a few weeks after their departure.
I cheered when I saw them arrive..but the golden field contains very little food for them until it rains so every day they travel further afield to find something to munch. There have been times when the farmer has to give them some hay to keep them from eating the trees.
My new neighbours are lovely...and give me lots to watch during the summer months.
Thank you God.

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

Smart meter?

About a month ago a young man arrived to install a smart electricity meter in my home.
This followed some very confused attempts at reading my meter which flicks on and off too quickly for me these days.
A smart meter was highly recommended.
The poor young man had never seen a house like mine, the result of two small homes fused together to make one larger one.
I am now used to it’s eccentricity. It’s all part of life’s rich pattern. It suits me.
In the end it was the somewhat unreliable mobile phone signal that did for it.
I am fairly close to the tower which sends out the signal but that has not made it always reliable.
The young man was clearly relieved when I asked.
"Is it really going to be worth it?"
We decided that on the whole it probably wasn’t.
My old meter in a little box on the side of the house is read by one of their young men . It always seems accurate and I pay for my consumption by a direct debit every month.
That’s just about as upmarket as I am likely to get.
The idea that I want to monitor my usage and to cut down on big bills doesn’t actually work for long as a light comes on when I want it, there is enough "juice" to keep my cooker hot and I can keep my "toys" charged daily then I’m happy.
It’s just one more step into the brave new world that I’m not prepared to take....
There are enough things to worry about without new meters to inform me on a daily basis!
Yet another marker in old age!

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