Wednesday, 29 March 2017

A very late Easter.

The weather has gone bad again. It's raining and blowing..not inviting me out at all today.
I went out for lunch with an old friend yesterday.
St Mawes is very busy indeed right now. We were amazed by the number of cars parked.
Apparently some schools have already broken up!
Our usual pub was equally busy...there really are a lot of visitors here.
The problem is the lateness of order to get the summer timetables implemented some areas have decided to take their holidays two weeks before Easter and they will go back immediately afterwards.
It does make a sort of sense I suppose and yesterday I heard several lamentations followed by the wish that the date for Easter could be fixed!
I do have some sympathy for this...but this is mostly guilt.
Months ago I booked a cruise starting in Falmouth. It was just too good an opportunity to miss. Only recently have I realised that I embark on Maundy Thursday.
Not a date I would ever have chosen . So this year guilt will be inevitably mixed with anticipation.
I have been on a boat at Easter before. Finding churches in New Zealand to celebrate Easter in has happened twice before...and I remember at least one occasion when I celebrated in my cabin with friends....
But here when all my colleagues are off to the Cathedral for the special service which I used to love I shall be waving goodbye to my house, clearly visible from Falmouth, as we set off. Several other members of the church here are also something will happen...I just don't know what yet...but I really didn't know when I booked it that it was Easter!
That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Temper Tantrum?

Watching the goings on in America right now is providing many of us with a continual show of unbelievable behaviour in a world leader.
It is like watching a spoiled child determined to get his own way and sulking if he doesn't.
Following the defeat last week when Mr Trump failed to abolish Obama Care he sulked, telling America that it would all be done , not to fear!
Today comes another spiteful announcement that in one stroke he will abolish all the laws put in place by the previous incumbent to combat climate change.
He seems determined to wipe all the good things done by Obama off the face of the earth. But this latest pique doesn't just affect his own affects the rest of the world. We are all going to feel the effect of this one.
We've got used to jobs for the boys....but this latest Executive Order is a real killer.
We have evidence that many Republicans are feeling anxious about this man's behaviour...but to actually stop him seems impossible right now.
Here at home I am feeling very sad that article 50 will be signed this week!
I liked being a European.
But our problems are minor compared to having a man who thinks he's been elected King just over the pond.
Lord hear our prayer!

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Monday, 27 March 2017

BT gremlins again!

A brief email from BT informs me that over the next few days I might find my access to the internet to be intermittent.
It's already best described as dodgy!
The email says that it will be much better as a result of their workings but we shall see.
Since a good friend managed to get me onto super fast last year I have enjoyed much better access.
If I test it's still much slower than it should be. So I should be glad that they are trying to improve it...but being realistic I have to recognise that we are fairly isolated up here so some problems can be expected.
All of this means that over the next few days according to BT I may not be very reliable....
Along with the information that they will be working locally I am being bombarded with offers to get BT television.
"Get it now before your offer runs out! ". I am not even considering this one....
Once more we are sailing into uncertain seas...according to BT. Fingers crossed it will be better eventually!

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

Mid Lent!

Last years Mothering Sunday was emotional for me. This year despite a private wobble early in the morning I've been far.
Past mothers days do come to mind...and as someone said last year I am still a mother even though I have outlived my children.
In the past mid lent weekends often contained a dance, or a supper held in the church hall...
Today the fourth Sunday in Lent is a good day for most people ...a day when children can make amends for small neglects or cross words...
I was given flowers for which I am very grateful. Spring is now apparent everywhere and the church yard is simply glorious.
Doing a service so early means I can now read the news, good, bad or indifferent before tackling the hated job of recycling.
The box full of empty bottles is embarrassing but I'm learning to live with it...
The cardboard boxes that need to be jumped on are another matter but as I have been up for hours there is plenty of time to get it all out . Happy Mother's Day?

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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Summer time?

British summer time starts obviously I'm doing the eight o'clock communion.
This means that I'll probably be awake from about five o'clock because I shall not be able to trust the various clocks around the place.
In theory all the electronic devices should all change without human intervention but can I trust them to do that?
I go back to my old battery driven watch on these occasions.
To get to church in time to do what will be actually a seven o'clock communion is a real test this year!
But it is summer time !
The wind has dropped, the sun is shining and the garden is filled with emerging blossom.
I am fully aware that this can all change in an instant but just for now I am celebrating the seasons change!
So today I will drag out some of the outside furniture stored in my barn for the winter...
I have been using the summer house all through the winter...I just have to clear out the cobwebs...
Boats are going back into the water, I enjoy watching the gradual return to high summer here in St Mawes...from my sitting room I look out on the stretch of sea between us and Falmouth...some little white sails are already appearing...
So getting up very early in the morning really isn't a long as I get to church at the right time in the morning!

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Aftermath of terror.

Almost as shocking as the actual massacre of innocent people was yesterday , the number of people trying to jump onto the publicity band wagon generated by the violence was even more shocking as the day proceeded.
Even the junior Trump joined in . That the Mayor of London is also a Muslim is surely an indication that not all followers of the prophet are set on boosting Isis by violence but he still tried to claim the opposite.
Various people in our country who live by negative reporting also jumped onto the bandwagon with alacrity.
The bottom line for all this is that disturbed people in our society can kill, maim and produce terror if they are willing to die in the process. It was ever thus.
We live with the knowledge that disturbed people can wreak havoc if they really want to and no amount of legislation can stop it.
The shooting at Dunblane was an example un related to any one group. This latest horror comes into the same category I think.
There are always going to be individuals capable of  perpetrating horrors for a few moments of glory. Going out in a blaze of violence is something many disturbed, angry men dream of, who see it as a fitting end to their lives.
Thankfully the numbers of those who actually act on this are few.
As for the person who described yesterday the demoralisation of Britain writing that we were all afraid now, I'm afraid the sort of publicity that that brings is simply short lived and far from demoralising us, just underlines our resilience in times of war .
Because what is happening is an aberration. Once people decide that martyrdom is for them then nothing logical can stop's randomness is what makes it terrible.
Parliament continues. Our world, still intact goes on as we pray for the injured, the bereaved and the innocent people caught in the appalling violence...
Lord, hear our prayer.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017


Like everyone else I am numbed by yesterday's attack just outside  Parliament. At the beginning it appeared to have only one casualty but with a sickening inevitability we then learned about the people mowed down by a car used as a weapon.
Like everyone else I supposed it to be a terror attack much like those in other European countries.
This morning, listening to the news I find myself wanting more information.
Was the murderer British? Was he born here? Was he a Muslim?
Eventually all these details will be given to us but just now all we have to go on is what we hear on the news.
Hatred of the sort that leads us to kill each other is corrosive. To kill people for their religion feels medieval. Elsewhere in the world other Christians are suffering for their religion.
So I pray, not just for those who died yesterday and their grieving loved ones but also for those who feel such hatred that they are willing to give up their own lives to achieve it.
Love one another....impossible though this sounds, it is what we have to aim at now.
Here in Cornwall watching scenes of horror in a place I know well and love is all I have left.

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