Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Sad but true.....I am reluctant to admit it but I fell for it. .....again!
Another scam got me last week.
Some days ago I was given the bad news that I needed a new piece of equipment to control the voltage of my converter ( don't ask)
The young Liverpudlian was charming, funny and convincing. Only since then did I start to question the facts...
I just worried on Saturday. Something didn't sit right...it was just too convenient , particularly as I suspected they had sent the previous scammer even though they denied it.
So I asked around.
The advice I got was all damming....
I asked on twitter if anyone knew anything about this solar panel company.
The replies I got were illuminating.
I emailed one of the men who had serious doubts.....his reply sealed the doubts...yes it was a scam. Even if the fault existed the electrical supplier would come and fix it....all part of the service!
So I have cancelled my debit card and my monthly direct debit and talked to my electricity supplier.
Let the rest of the world be aware....they really are all out to get us!
Having written about being targeted yesterday I was again phoned about getting a new boiler and yet another young man said he was from the National Debt help line and was here to help me!
I asked him how he had got my mobile number and he said it was on a data base!
Having no debt at all I quickly got rid of him though his reaction to my statement that I was debt free was disbelief....but really some steps should be taken to protect us old ladies....
Over the last weeks there have been attempts every day to get me involved with some scheme or other...all for my greater good of course!
It would be good to have some sort of action to prevent it because I am not alone in this!

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Monday, 23 January 2017

Targeting the vulnerable!

It's Monday morning after a very busy weekend....I've learned a lot over the last few days...
I am fortunate in having many friends. I've lived in several different places around the British Isles .
The week ahead is also busy and a quick look out of the window reveals frost, most unusual for here.
Thankfully all my radiators are hot! Over the weekend I've talked to the men who sorted out the heating after the "Green homes" people ruined it by putting in a new system . They said it would save me oil. It did.....we had three cold winters in consequence!
The firm responsible are no longer in business but several others have sprung up with slightly different names.
This seems fair game for them I'm afraid...but what I want to know is how these people are able to get hold of not just my landline number but also my mobile phone number!
Over the weekend I have had several calls offering me a new government initiative. I can have a new boiler!
I refused. Regular readers of this blog will understand the reasons.
Old ladies are targeted I'm afraid....by often charming, good looking young men....I do wonder if old men are also targeted. But somehow I doubt it!

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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Marching as protest!

Watching the news last night I was struck with the sheer numbers of women marching...and it made me very proud of my sex!
Women on the whole are not natural marchers...we don't get up and protest easily....it has to be something vital to get us up and shouting!
Over the years I have marched several times.
I joined a march in Bury to protest the closing of old people's homes and nurseries. It was a fairly small protest but it started me off!
After that most of my walks were against racism. The national front was strong in Rochdale and on one of the walks through the town we were joined by some very unlikely figures.
I walked with a very frail old lady who told me as we walked that she had been in a concentration camp as a small child.
She pointed at some members of the jeering crowd and said, "This is how it begins so we have to show solidarity."
Those women marching through Washington yesterday were doing just that and from my safe sofa I applauded them.
Today all I can do is pray...that anywhere in the world where people are suffering contempt or worse being ignored for political ends, strength is found to support them.
And it's not just us, the women...everyone I meet and talk to right now is anxious about our collective futures...we are living in very unpredictable times..so let those who can march, and these who can't ..pray. Amen


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Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Donald is in residence!

Friday night.
I don't often start to watch television during the afternoon...puritanical habits persist I'm afraid, but today was different.
It was extraordinary viewing. A day I never believed would happen, along with the rest of the world I suspect.
A showman , a game show host became the forty fifth president of the USA!
Obviously it didn't happen and I'll wake up in the morning to find everything back to normal.....
But I am very much afraid after watching his acceptance speech that I have no option but to believe that it's happened!
His promises were wonderful....they really did include motherhood and apple pie....he is going to make America great again!
He was short on how he is going to do it but he sounded like a latter day Father Christmas speaking to the children...
He is going to bring back plenty, regenerate failed areas in the rust belt, attend to all those who feel ignored....the list is long ...Life is never going to be dull, miserable or depressing.
But he's promised to start by abolishing Obama care...without explaining how this will benefit those who will not be able to pay for any alternative health care.
The welfare state we have in this country , much loved by most of us even when it falls short of ideal is never going to be part of this mans plans for the USA. But if you listened to his speech it sounded very much like it!
If I have to blame someone then it has to be the Democratic Party!
What were you thinking? By putting a very unpopular candidate in the field you let this showman in!
it wasn't a dream....I just heard the voice!
He is going to keep twittering! OK!

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Alfi works!

Yesterday I pressed my alarm by mistake. It's a little pendant which I was wearing under my shirt. Normally I would have just fished it out but my dog collar is a bit tight for that so when I caught it by accident, it rang...
Astonished by what I'd done I heard a voice almost immediately.
"Reverend Rolt, are you alright?"
I apologised. I had pressed it by mistake but it had worked in an instant!
Had I not answered someone would have been dispatched to find my body!
Until then I hadn't really thought about it much...
It was just something I had been pressed to do by very good friends because I lived a long way out of the village on my own!
Now I am just glad I did it.
Knowing that help is available in an instant is wonderful.
I'm not sure that an armed police unit would arrive in case of intruders but
there is a much better chance of it than I ever thought!
Thanks to all those who nagged me into it!

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Converters and such.

It wasn't chairs I needed to be at home yesterday...it was stamina!
The young man I'd been so rude to the previous day arrived on time and spent all morning here. Most of the time we talked standing up!
Up in the loft he gave me a great deal of information. My bats don't live there any more but mice do. All was apparently well until he got to the converters...which are using far too much electricity.....it was more technical than that but that gives the picture....
Naturally he found that I needed something else fitted in order to reduce this!
Oh dear.
I had started by apologising but also told him that whenever anyone arrived to inspect anything it always cost me money!
A new thingy was duly ordered and the date for its arrival fixed.
This will not save me money but it will now be safer...or so I'm told....
I liked the young Liverpudlian ....we had a good conversation before he went up , disappearing into the loft whilst I stood at the bottom of the step ladders.
I was sorry to have been so unpleasant the day before but it didn't seem to have done him any harm....
I am sorry that it won't be him who is coming next week...
But I'll cope on the basis that it will be another Liverpudlian!
But I am left with the thought that as I predicted something extra is always needed...strange that.

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Still got all my chairs at home!

Having found myself being manipulated by the man who told me I needed to spend £5000 pounds on the repairs to my roof I now find I am highly suspicious of people arriving uninvited to give me opinions I don't want and haven't asked for....
Elderly ladies who live alone are targeted by some enterprising people and I am resisting them .
The young man from Liverpool got very short shrift this week I'm afraid...
I'm sorry to say I was fairly rude about the proposed visit.
I said no.
His supervisor rang me yesterday....we had a very interesting conversation about my solar tiles, the roof, my bat infested loft...not quite Uncle Tom Cobbly and all but we covered a lot of ground....So this morning the young man is trying a visit again...
Apparently the insurance on my tiles involves a yearly check up.
This house is not normal....an ancient Cornish Farmhouse has a lot of idiosyncrasies.
I will have to accompany the young man this morning...but I'm not going into the loft.
Talking to a Liverpudlian yesterday brought out my latent Lancashire accent.
The phrase I used to finish the fairly fraught conversation was a throwback to fifty years ago.
"Just bear in mind that I might be old but I still have all my chairs at home."
Says it all really...

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