Saturday, 19 January 2019

Saturdays off.

It was Saturday!
Yesterday I remembered that fact with some surprise. Now I am a retired priest I don’t have to spend my Saturdays picking hymns or finishing sermons...It’s a free day! Wow! This will take some getting used to!
Naturally my mind went back to the last Saturday of note...the one I spent in New York with my new friend Ruth.
Gosh that was a day!
She has since sent pics of me loitering in a Cathedral, standing close to an ice rink, watching the expert skating and also in a pub behind several glasses...empty.
I had no idea that New York was so full of Irish pubs! Or that I’d find Irish coffee so good.
The day did not contain shops. I had spent the last time I was in New York shopping. It was only a month or so before , so on that last occasion the shops didn’t tempt me. That fact in itself is remarkable. Usually I can’t wait to part with my money on various rash items, to be regretted later!
So I may have to start shopping on Saturday again to make the most of my retirement.
There are shops here in St Mawes but they are nothing like the ones in New York.
I have toyed with the notion of driving to the next village where there is a shop selling lovely, freshly painted sea scapes but I’m not quite ready for that....yet.
I am perfectly happy to have leisurely’s a novelty!

Getting old.

Getting this years diary up and running is proving testing.
I forget things. This should not be a surprise for anyone following this blog.
The only way through this is to keep a diary. Providing I write everything down as they come up I’m fine.
But next week I have an item that is scribbled in for Tuesday and I can’t remember what it’s for or indeed where it is or what time it starts.
On that basis it’s clearly doomed.
My only way through this is to go into the village that morning and hope for enlightenment.
I have another two days when entries in the diary show a definite purpose. Two old friends are coming here whilst I am visiting another one.
But this doesn’t help with the one I’ve forgotten....arghhhh!
Getting old is on the whole no problem...I have now got more grey hair than mouse brown. I can live with that.
I can still move free from aches and pains most of the time.
I play card games on the internet and still win mostly.
I chat to people either on line or on the phone most days. I am not lonely . I like my own company.
But just occasionally I forget something.
OK, providing it’s nothing too important I can live with that.
I’ll just have to get creative on occasions...and bluff my way through disconcerting circumstances.
I can do this....

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Friday, 18 January 2019

Brexit shortages?

Listening to the radio I hear that some medication might be difficult to obtain after Brexit.
This set up some small worries for me.
I have been taking a tablet for my blood pressure for years.
For the last two months this has been unattainable.
The local chemist provided me with a substitute and I have not actually thought about it until this morning whilst listening to the radio which said that due to stockpiling, some medicines are in very short supply.
Who is doing the stockpiling ? People or shops?
I am quite sure that I’m not in any kind of danger but it does have some anxieties if only to wonder what on earth we are getting into by pulling out of Europe.
Other shortages of foods have been forecast...I’m not sure why....
Did we really understand that becoming a country standing alone and proud would lead to all sorts of problems along the way?
I’m quite sure that we can all adjust to a new situation in time. But how many shortages or other problems may be met along the way? And how many people may suffer as a result of not getting the drugs or food that they are used to?
As the realities of leaving our present comfort zone start to become evident I do wonder if another referendum might not be a good idea?
Voting for an abstract idea of us plucky Britons standing alone seemed a good idea at the time...though not to me... but now that the reality is becoming evident may be its time to revisit the idea...
Just a thought........

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