Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Driving in darkness.

I have an appointment today. I am booked to call on a friend a few miles away at half past three.
It occurred to me last night that if I did that I would only stay for about half an hour because it starts to go dark around four these days.
Another problem of old age.
I hate driving in the dark.
Even the dusk has its problems.
This has grown steadily over the last years. It started three years ago when I was driving David home from hospital. I put my headlights on full and went for it..determined to get him home safely.
Since then I have avoided driving anywhere very far in the dusk which has cut out evening meetings, Evensongs and dinner with old friends.
I can get into St Mawes providing I park in the well lit car park. But I don’t like it!
Other people of my age have confirmed their own reluctance to drive late at night...
There’s nothing wrong with my eyesight...I just hate the feeling that I’m driving into the unknown.
This is soppy and I know it...but there it is. This morning I will try to rearrange today’s meeting.
Fortunately the lady I’m going to see is of a similar age.
She will understand. Getting out of her drive is tricky when it’s light...
But it’s just one more indication of my frailty....and my old age...damm it!

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Monday, 15 January 2018

World worries.

Last week passed in a haze of exhaustion , putting away my cruising clothes and getting the house warm.
The news filtered through in small doses so looking back the overall feeling is of chaos.
Mrs May attempted to make her government stronger..but simply made it into a laughing stock by failing to take the NHS away from Jeremy Hunt amongst other problems. She didn’t get rid of Gove!!!
The most appalling news from last week is that the whole of Hawaii was put on red alert for a nuclear missile attack which turned out to be untrue. Imagine the chaos of mind suffered by those involved!
Trump remained a" stable genius ", using harsh words about the sort of immigrant arriving in America. He is fast taking on the mantle of a King. King of the world no less.
Oprah says she will stand for president next time.
The "me too" movement is gaining political ambition.
Here at home good friends have died, others have moved but life is still very good.
One of my friends, a retired doctor said I could stop worrying about the spot on my face which has now shrunk to the size it was before I set off on the cruise.
Flu is still going around the village.
I have a blessedly quiet week....so far...

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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Early rising.

Having just arrived home after doing the eight o’clock communion I am safe. I think.
When I said I didn’t mind doing the early communion I had forgotten it’s still dark when I’m setting off. The only good thing was that there was just me on the road...
There are no street lights at Tregear Vean because there are no streets!
Arriving back I was greeted by a very bouncy, huge big boxer...not the human kind. His height was considerable.
"He’s still a puppy" the words accompanied a determined effort to get into my car...the dog saw it as an escape route I think.
My neighbour says he is looking after it for a friend...I am not sure how long for!
It does explain a couple of mysteries though. Twice I have found its leavings in my garden and wondered if I had a badger...so clearly a weekend break is not unusual.
He was a very handsome animal..but very excitable and bouncy. I hope he manages to grow into adulthood.
So still before nine o’clock I have been busy...heard all the village news, found out who needs prayers, driven home in very welcome light and fought off the intentions of a very large dog.
No one can say life is dull right now!
Perhaps a prayer for a little more dull?

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Saturday, 13 January 2018


Many years ago when I still lived in Essex me and my husband got flu every year around Christmas. We finally realised it was picked up at the huge carol service in the cathedral where we all greeted each other with hugs and kisses.
I remember David’s last Christmas with dismay...he really was very poorly.
Since then the flu vaccine has appeared and providing we got the right strain we can stay reasonably well.
Since getting home from the cruise I have considered going to the doctor every morning.but have been warned off.
"Only go if you are desperate!"
This message from various visitors has  kept me at home. Apparently the waiting rooms are full of sneezing, coughing folk.
" But I’ve had my flu jab!"
"Ah.....did you go early or late?"
Apparently the early flu injections haven’t worked well this year. Fortunately I had my jab rather late but I am still not inclined to risk it.
Since reaching home I’ve only been in physical contact with a handful of people which turns out to be a very good thing.
Tomorrow though I am doing the eight o’clock communion .......
Flu is something to dread now. In my younger days I accepted it as a nuisance to be coped with most years..now I realise how serious it could be for an old woman on her own.
My itchy spots have died down. I will delay showing the more worrying one till I am sure the flu has departed...
Time to keep my head down right now....

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Friday, 12 January 2018

Love making?

I’ve been sleeping very late since I got home...my body has some catching up to do clearly.
The sentence that grabbed my attention this morning was this, spoken by a man whose name I didn’t catch.
"Making love to a very thin person is like fighting a corpse!"
The mechanics of this apart it conjures up some very dark images and as I dressed I reflected that at least I’ve always been well padded...too well upholstered most of the time...
And I haven’t gone in for sleeping around...but the image has persisted as I eat my breakfast...
Did the man not see that his partner was not built on generous lines?
How long did their relationship last?
What excuse would suffice for quitting the field?
These sorts of questions are unusual for me. Sex only takes up a tiny bit of my mind these day. Thank goodness....
A quick search back reveals a number of failed attempts in my younger days but it was never based on how well covered my bones were.
I suppose it must be always based on love or it would too embarrassing.
The man this morning clearly didn’t love his partner or the damming phrase would never have passed his lips.
A wonderful of expression of love and joy is the best way I could describe sex.
And being old does not mean we have lost interest...merely the hormones that used to drive us forward...
I am resting...mostly in peace.

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Thursday, 11 January 2018


I woke up to the voice of Gove yet again getting over excited about his job and vowing to eliminate all plastic from the ocean....
As an alarm clock his voice did it for me. Sitting up in bed it was obvious that the man is still desperate to be a Prime minister...
Trying to stop him at the end of the interview proved difficult. He still had some points to make.
The world seems full right now of weird politicians.
I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing as they all try to secure their place in history.
This is presuming that there will be History to record...
The most shocking item of this mornings news is that Marks and Spencer did badly in the Christmas sales department.
This is unheard of surely!
I can only think that they need to get a delivery service going in time for next year.
Tesco, Sainsbury’s , Waitrose all send out vans full of delicious food...at a busy time it’s wonderful not to have to join the throng of people all intent on getting the festive food in.
On line spending is obviously important these days...I sent for several presents from M and S before Christmas...but no food...
The world I’ve woken up in is still one I love living in...despite all its problems...Long may this continue....

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Happy New Year!

Waking late I have the joy of knowing that I have unpacked, my house is warm and I got my new rota yesterday.
It’s not too busy but just about right for an old woman, starting with the eight o’clock communion on Sunday.
Who ever would have thought that getting my job sorted out for the next few months would make me happy but I suppose it’s good to feel useful again.
I am indeed a fortunate woman.
Listening to the news as I wake up I find I am missing the regular dose of American events...
Mr Trump kept all the channels very busy and his spat with Rocket man over the size of their nuclear buttons brought some light relief even whilst we groaned...
Somehow Mrs Mays determination to keep our government afloat by using Boris and Gove in key positions is less riveting even whilst being vital to our future well being as a nation.
I have no sympathy for her I’m afraid. All of her problems stem from the moment she decided to hold an election which then lost her her majority.
As for all the men being outed as sex pests , the determination to bring them all to justice is not a cheery development but I suppose is necessary.
It’s all very interesting....but I still am not mentioning the dreaded Brexit....much!

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