Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The morning disaster.

After yesterday mornings excursion I am tired and have learned an important fact. Always read the small print carefully before committing to anything!
Yesterday I was booked on what I thought was a coach tour. On other cruises these have always been interesting and not exhausting...
This mornings was neither. We got on our bus which drove us out of the coastal shipping area and to a town called La Manga.
The name of the tour was "Leisurely La Manga" this was so far from the truth that in hindsight it was laughable .
No one on the coach spoke at all. Usually a local guide gives us enough information to appreciate our surroundings. This time as we left the coach we were told. "Back in three hours"
What? There was a long road of apartments, small shops and snack bars.
What on earth were we going to do for three hours?
Two men from my table whose names I knew allowed me to stroll along with them . We walked towards a beach. The sea was out but the beach was pleasant.
We had no clear idea of what we could do so we just walked.
The men were great. Without them I would have felt very vulnerable walking on my own...but for three hours?
We found our way back to the Main Street and saw there was another beach on the other side...we were on a long thin peninsula.
Turning back we then visited the first cafe we found. We had coffee.
We were miles away and anyway only an hour had elapsed...so on we went...
Altogether we visited three bars and got some vodka to drink with some tinned juice!
It gave us time to sit down. We talked to other Brits on holiday but had to get back to our starting point.
It was the worst tour I've ever been on saved only by the chaps who looked after me with gallantry and good humour.
Read the small print before booking is the message from this one!

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Sunday, 16 April 2017

Easter Day?

Yesterday I was unable to post....the wifi was out all,day....so I am a day behind....sorry. So this is a day old.
Yesterday was glorious here, people out sunbathing, swimming, enjoying themselves. On coming back to my cabin during the day I found that we are near enough land to get a signal on the the TV.
Since setting out three days ago the entire planet has changed.
One pompous man threatening another one over continents!
The talk of nuclear war has never been more frightening.
And today is Easter Sunday. The day we rejoice , the beautiful day of remembering that Christ rose from the dead...
It's my first Easter when I haven't woke up feeling full of joy, full of energy to share the good news with everyone I meet!
Instead today I will pray.
He is Risen.

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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Second day travelling south.

I went to a very good reflection on Good Friday yesterday. It was a big improvement on some of the things I've attended before on board various ships. I am settling down on this one and listening to everyone else I realise that in fact I was very fortunate to have had so few problems getting on board.
The embarkation procedure from a tin shack in Falmouth had not upset me but many were clearly affronted by it.
We are told that Olsen will not be doing this trip again. So it's just as well that I'm on it then. It makes the deficiencies feel better....
I'm finding people to talk to wherever I go. There are a lot of single people on board. And no I'm definitely not looking....ever again!
There is a very different ethos here. Long term Olsen people are fiercely loyal and eager to maintain their contacts with them but I will not be going to book my next cruise with them . I still hate my cabin.
There are a lot of Cornish people on board. Which was inevitable I suppose. I am seeing some very odd sights though, especially during our first formal night last night when the men turned out in dinner jackets even the one with the pony tail and the heavily tattooed one. It was an interesting evening for a spectator.
Many of the names here are Cornish. Two restaurants are Heligan and Tintagel.
All Gods children are here...in all their individual glory. And we are travelling south...it is warming up as we go! By Easter Day we will be in warm sun again! So it's not all bad news!

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Friday, 14 April 2017

Out to sea!

Oh dear. I am not happy. It serves me right for coming away at Easter!
I have done an Olsen cruise before but not on this ship which turns out to be the oldest member of the fleet and it shows.
The sail away was lovely....as we swung into the channel past St Mawes and headed out to sea.
The first meal on board was Ok. The service was slow....one small scotch took half an hour to arrive.
The people are pleasant. I have already met the people from my church...
My cabin is nothing short of dreadful!
Its got a double bed in it which takes up most of the room.
My "ocean view " portholes are this morning covered by heavy iron discs which are too heavy for me to shift! Without the light from the clear view the room is very dark!
Miserable old woman I certainly am this morning.
Which is fitting for Good Friday.....
It can only get better! Fingers crossed! Or something.

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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

I see my ship!

Here's a strange thing. The ship I will be sailing away on is here... clearly visible from both my sitting room and bedroom. It's before eight in the morning.
As yet there is no excitement or anticipation. I don't set off until this afternoon and my brain is more concerned with the details of getting on board.
At Southampton there is a big hall with comfortable seating. Here there appears to be a long dock.
My taxi man will deliver me to the dock after which I have no idea of what will happen.
Cunard deals with the luggage speedily and efficiently. Here we are in a whole new ball game. I just hope it doesn't rain.
I hope to be able to blog and the advertisements promise free Wifi. But we will see!
The spirit of adventure has deserted me as yet..I'm just concerned with the nuts and bolts of actually getting on board.
This time I have a single cabin.
Every other time I've had a double cabin and paid for the privilege. Now on a different ship it's not that much cheaper to go single!
A whole lot of firsts are arranging themselves in the worry portion of my brain...
I have my binoculars out! I don't set off for hours...fingers and everything else crossed!

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Dangerous world.

The world we now live in has changed since the days when we all felt threatened by the possibility of war during the Cuban crisis. President Kennedy thankfully did not have to press the button.
The Iraq war was to supposed to ensure that Sadam Hussain did not have weapons of mass destruction. None were found.
Now it seems we all have these weapons.
The news that America bombed Syria after they had used chemical warfare was not treated as a tragedy or as a prelude to anything worse. We all felt some relief that hopefully Assad would hesitate before using chemical or barrel bombs in the future.
Mr Trump seemed pleased with his intervention. The rest of the world seemed fairly pleased that some sort of justice had been done.
North Korea then joined in .
They proclaimed that they were ready for war with the USA. What?
War with or without using weapons of mass destruction seems now a possibility. Huge numbers of people fleeing from war torn areas are trying to find somewhere safe...
The entire planet seems threatened right now.
We, the people are the custodians of this beautiful planet. But we now seem to be spectators of its destruction.
War, global warming. Populations on the move.
When I set off on holiday tomorrow I will be praying that the land I leave behind me will stay safe.
I can't remember another Holy Week that felt so dangerous.

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Monday, 10 April 2017

Shops closed!

Watching the news last night I found myself saying out loud " Oh no! "
It wasn't a report of an atrocity or a bad accident or anything like that. It was the news that Jaeger was closing.
Last year Viyella closed, leaving a hole in my clothes buying plans and now Jaeger is also joining in!
I know this still leaves Marks and Spencer but their clothes have not suited me in the last few years......
What is going on?
Fortunately both firms make clothes that last. I am still wearing skirts bought before I moved to Cornwall seventeen years ago.
I knew that Jaeger has had some excellent sales this year....I have thankfully bought several lovely jumpers in the last year. I'm doing my best to keep the shop open.......
I did see that there could be a return from Viyella at some point. A quick google reveals that men's clothes are still on sale but I failed to find any women's clothes.
I'm not actually short of things to wear. I could manage with what I've got for the rest of my life...but I do lament the loss of my much loved shopping opportunities. I love just going on line and looking for things to wear on cruises.   And this is just one more indication that the world as I know it is coming to an end!
But I am sorry to be losing Jaeger....
Proof positive that I am still a girl at heart!

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