Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Old friends.

I have a friend visiting this afternoon. She is ten years older than me and very frail. She wants to drive over from the next village to give her car battery a charge.
I will be very glad to see her but I will be praying for her safe arrival and departure.
It is just one more problem of old age.
I am old and all my friends are old too!
Fortunately I still have the stair lift here so I can get her upstairs to my sitting room easily.
Her body may be ancient but intelligence still shines out whenever she speaks.
It is a friendship I value, not least for the common sense approach to the church.
As she puts it she was a child of the manse when young, her father being a vicar.
She was also one of the first female doctors to get her medical degree before the war.
Our conversations are full of laughter whilst we discuss the way we are dealing with our age related problems.
It’s important to us both to keep our cars running...they give us freedom from the kind offers from other people to transport us around the Roseland.
She cheers me up a lot and I look forward to her safe arrival. The reverse at the end of the afternoon will be to check that she arrives home safely before dusk sets in!
Being old and having old friends is one of life’s blessings...thank you God!

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Monday, 19 November 2018

World angst!

Are all our world leaders unhappy right now?
Mr Trump is astonished by the bad press he’s been getting and claims some extraordinary results. In one head line he says his presidency deserves an A plus!
In this country it’s impossible to ignore the current troubles endured by our prime minister.
I listened to a very interesting discourse on this subject yesterday whilst not knowing who was speaking. It contained a lot of common sense which I agreed with only to find at the end that it had been given by a man who was no longer an MP . Michael Howard though got most of it right I think.
Mrs May can’t win now and it is to her credit that she is still in place against all the odds. We don’t know how many letters are expressing no confidence in our prime minister just now but either way she seems damaged beyond any attempt at putting it right.
The rest of the world must be astonished by all of this...
I voted to remain because most of what is happening now looked possible even then. That we are divided in our opinions is nothing short of a tragedy and I can see no way out of this that will make us all happy.
Those young men wanting Mrs Mays job seem to have gone very quiet right now about their own ambitions...but Boris, Gove and the rest are still in waiting...
Heaven help us if they ever achieve power!

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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Changing gender.

I have some sympathy for those people who are worried about their gender. However on the whole it seems to make sense to stick to the sex deemed at birth.
But. It is not the whole story as I learned from an early experience.
My story concerns a man I lived with on and off with for a couple of years, indeed was engaged to him.
Eventually he told me that he had been born into the wrong body. He knew he was a woman trapped into a masculine body.
He thought that nature had played a cruel trick on him .
I felt very sorry for him. I listened to his tales of woe with interest and often voiced my sympathy for his plight.
However, the time came when for all sorts of reasons this stopped.
He loved to try on my clothes. And at first I really didn’t mind this. It could be fun. However the time came when it became first boring and then annoying. He only seemed really happy when he was wearing a dress. I coped with this sympathetically to begin with but it became irritating when I found makeup on my best clothes. I knew it was his because I didn’t use it.
The end came when I found a dress I’d bought and saved for a special occasion, with make up around the collar. I’d never worn it but he had whilst I was out.
I explained to him that I was not impressed but then he got first angry and then weepy.
I was accused of being hard hearted, a symbol of all that was wrong with society in my lack of sympathy with his problem.
From then on I became more critical and less supportive. He got shrill in his screams of anger and then defensive in his belief and his right to be female.
The end followed inevitably. I stopped seeing him, still sympathetic to his dilemma but sure that I couldn’t support him as he had wanted.
Now when I hear transexual complaints about the unfairness of nature and being born into the wrong body I find myself shrugging ....my own sympathy with this plight had not gone well. And when I hear on the radio some of the "victims" of this problem I find myself being very dismissive .
I feel sorry for anyone trying to live a "normal" life in this state but my own experience has made me much less sympathetic than I might have been.

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