Monday, 24 October 2016

Getting things fixed!

I suppose if you chose to live in an ancient farmhouse you should expect things to go wrong occasionally....
Mostly small things are easily fixed but occasionally problems are either too small or too big to get people to come out.
Before winter starts its vital to get small repairs done before they became big problems.
This is proving difficult...
This week I have people arriving to try to fix my current anxieties....
Getting plumbers, builders, painters etc is not easy in this small peninsular.
If the problem is too small they just don't want to know.
Big problems are even worse if it involves having men on your roof!
This is the week I am hopefully having roof slates replaced before the winter storms make matters worse....
The local totally reliable artisans are busy....there is no shortage of work here...
And that's the problem...the people I know and trust are also the people everyone else know to be good at their jobs....and remarkably they are all terribly busy...
Despite all this I have men arriving all week!
Tuesday looks clear but the rest of week I shall be in charge of tea making...
The local men are all used to me...and I'm used to them...but this weeks collection are comers in....the roofer is looking for a B and B close by....
It's not going to be comfortable at all.....but one thing is certain..I shall start to feel under siege.
One of my neighbours is moving out this week...parking could be a problem...and my new neighbours will arrive in the middle of it all.....
No doubt it will all be sorted out eventually...
Hopefully by the end of the week! Fingers crossed.

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Bible in order!

Having survived my bad day yesterday I have a treat today...I have a service in a beautiful little chapel in a village perched precariously on the cliffs about twenty miles from here! It is a spot I enjoy a lot.
In the old days David used to arrive at the end of the service and we would go out to lunch at a big hotel close by. Now I just come home!
Today is Bible Sunday so I've prepared a sermon invoking the ghost of Joe, the priest I met in Madeira who taught me so much in two weeks that it forms a sort of minor miracle in my mind during the time I was training for this job!
Joe's books are out of print now but they were used in seminaries all over the world.
I am taking one of them with me.
"The Bible in order" is wonderful....I use it very regularly as it contains both the Old and New Testaments in the order they were written and has the historical evidence as the back ground of the content.
I acquired this copy from a seminary in America.....
I woke early and it's still dark outside as I type this but I shall enjoy this morning.
The small Methodist chapel is beautiful and looked after with love. It is ecumenical and Joe, a Catholic priest would be surprised by his books visit to this unlikely place nearly as much as I will I enjoy it!
Thank you Joe and God!

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The fiftieth anniversary of Aberfam sat with me yesterday.
.Fifty years ago I was in labour awaiting the birth of my daughter and as the news filled the ward I was horrified by what I heard.
Children crushed to death by huge slags of coal rubble on the move......
It brought back memories of everything my grandad had told me about the conditions of the mines and the lack of care of those who made huge profits from coal and the men who laboured to produce it.
My grandad had been a miner, locked out after the general strike. He had walked from South Wales to Lancashire to find work.
He told me how it was the women and children who starved during this period . His lovely lilting Welsh voice became hard and bitter as he remembered.
The waste from the mines was left in great heaps , killing all the wild life, and keeping the coal dust constantly blowing onto fields trying to grow food .
He would not have been surprised by the tragedy....along with many more old miners......this had been the subject of many a long nights rant over the years...
Lying in my clean hospital bed I wept then....It was not the pain of was because all that my grandad had dreaded had finally come to pass and those poor children and their parents were reaping the bitter harvest!
Yesterday I wept again and prayed that mans pursuit of profit could never have such drastic results......
But the anticipated setting up of fracking sounds horribly familiar!

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Blogging statistics!

Over the last week something odd has been happening wth my blog.
I try to post a blog most mornings...some very brief, some like yesterday a bit too long. Very occasionally I look to see how many of them are being read.....
An average readership is around thirty per day....
It occasionally rises to up to about a hundred if I hit on a subject that interests a lot of people.
Yesterday I noticed that some of my daily ramblings had attracted far more than the average readership. There are blogs which Google tell me have been read by over five hundred people....or maybe the same person five hundred times!
I am not convinced .
Some sort of admin error seems the most likely explanation...
But I would appreciate it if some of my fellow bloggers who read mine as I read theirs would check their statistics.
In the wider scheme of things it is of no importance at all...but it is always nice to know that people are reading it.
I have to own that even if no one ever read it I'd still blog....the habit of keeping a diary which started when I was a girl has persisted . The fact that I can post it on line as opposed to filling many old exercise books just makes me happy to be part of a world wide community...
Thank you God!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Not falling for scams!

It is clearly the "Lets scam as many old lady's as we can wake up!" season .
The number of phone calls I've had in the last two days are legion!
I started by listening but after several calls on more or less the same theme I have just got rude!
Apparently my address and name are on a national register to say that I am energy efficient....but there are still more ways I could be helped....
It must also say on this register....old woman who can be talked into anything!
Those of you who have been reading my outpourings for some time will remember my angst on previous occasions when my heating wouldn't work after the wonderful green company tampered with it.
Be did save me money...I didn't use much oil for several years!
Having set out to find this "Green firm" I found they had disappeared , only I suspect to go into business under a new name so they could go on conning people.
The only green solution that actually works is I think the solar one. My tiles do very well indeed in this sunny county.
Over the last month though I have had dozens of calls about them...the original guarantees having run out!
I have now got them covered by a tile insurance firm and been told today that it was another con.
A different company wants to come along and check all is well with them.
This is the company that disparaged the first lot I fell for!
Are you still with me?
Yet another young man wanted to put me fresh insulation in my loft.
I told him I'd got it...and anyway did he know about the bats?
He said confidently that he could get rid the bats for which point I'm afraid I exploded.
Anyone killing a bat even by accident could be fined quite a lot of money and anyway I like them...they do no harm and are pleasant company..I never see them!
When the next phone call came through....this is the fifth this week I was ready for them....
The young man persisted against my oft repeated sentence..."I am not interested!"
He inferred that the only reason I was not interested was my ignorance of the facts.
I put the phone down only to find a young woman half an hour later from the same firm trying to give me the same message.
The lot that are arriving today will get very short shift.
I may be an old woman but I've still got all my chairs at old Lancashire expression I cherish!

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Significant dates!

I get nervous at this stage in of the year...October is a month full of memories and mostly sad ones.
One date particularly holds many old miseries.
My daughter was born on this date. I had a small stroke immediately afterwards. One of my dogs died on this date.
My husbands first wife died too . So for him also it was a solemn occasion.
My son died .
This date is coming up fast....
I try very hard to laugh it's ridiculous to associate a particular date in the year as somehow malevolent.....and yet...
My years as an astrologer were not wasted clearly....a superstitious anxiety grows slowly in the days approaching the day!
I laugh at myself now...I tell myself not to be stupid. I don't look to see where the planets are every year as I would have done in the old days but I know that I will be very glad to get to the end of a tricky week!
Praying helps. Laughing at myself helps too....
Let's get it over with for another year please God.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

My mistake!

I am still reeling from the shock results of a piece of stupidity I did yesterday. I returned my iPhone to the state it or its forerunner was in years ago!
Apple had again insisted that I up grade it.
After I'd done that several things appeared that I really didn't want so I tried to get rid of them .
Unfortunately I did entirely the wrong thing!
I used my lap top to upgrade it.
I forgot that it had been some time since the lap top had been upgraded....
I knew it had all gone horribly wrong when the picture on the front changed from my dear friend to my dear dog!
Horrified I realised too late that I'd sent it back years!
The whole episode was made worse when I tried to put it right .
Apple sent me a verification code to enable the iPhone. Unfortunately I couldn't open the phone to retrieve the code! It was stuck!
Eventually I had a conversation with a lady from Apple...she was very helpful once she'd grasped the problem.....
I will not bore you with all the strange arcane details of my stupidity.
But my phone is now missing all the photographs from the last two cruises!
The Apple lady says that as they are on the iPad eventually they may return.
The conversation with the helpful lady from Apple lasted well over an hour...without her I would now be sunk.
As it is I am just feeling very very stupid! How could my phone be upgraded from a machine that is still in the Ice age?
How I could have been so silly I don't know....this is a good one even for me.
I have accepted the lovely picture of my golden retriever back on the front!
But I am grimly determined to resist Apples next instruction to upgrade my is too damm short!

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