Wednesday, 22 February 2017

First episode...immigration.

Watching the first episode of The West Wing I once again caught up with the various characters and their speech.
Neither of my husbands liked West Wing....they found the dialogue too difficult to follow and there were too many characters had to have a good ear to follow it very often.
I have enjoyed it for years....mostly on my own....
But I hadn't ever realised the significance in the first act.
Martin Sheen , the newly elected president walks into a room of journalists and religious leaders to be told that a small group of little boats had left Cuba and was heading for Miami....the group were looking for ways of sending them back when the President spoke,
"These people set out in small boats to cross a dangerous ocean, risking their lives, carrying their few possessions to get here. They didn't do it for anything other than that they want new lives, and they want them here. Don't stop them."
That established, they dispersed....but in the light of what we are seeing now in the White House it was a pretty amazing start in direct contrast to Pres Trump.
The difference is that West Wing is a work of fiction written by Aaron Sorkin . The present president believes the direct opposite as we know..
I was struck by the coincidence that both the real president and the fictional one both addressed the immigration problem early in their presidency but with totally different ethics.
Fiction does reflect real life sometimes.

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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Back to the West Wing.

It's grey outside...this is a reflection of my present mood.
All sorts of tiny problems are taking centre stage in my head at a time when I have other things to do...
My new neighbours arrive this morning and I shall be very glad to see them....
My diary is filling up day by day as old friends plan lunches out and visits to interesting places...
And yet I stay fairly pensive for no good reason....
What's going on in the world has affected this mood.
Famine, caused by war is killing children in Sudan.
A battle to regain Mosul still rages.
I have lots of good things happening and I don't spend my day in misery and yet the feeling grows that we are living through a massive period of change..
I have gone back to an old habit...the box sets!
It's easier to watch soap on the TV.
The West Wing is once again performing the role of comfort blanket. When all else fails watching this wonderfully scripted series entertains and occasionally enlightens...
In this Trump debacle it is good to return to another time reflected with excellent dialogue, familiar characters and interesting plots.
I hope this feeling of being slightly at sea in the world is just me...but I suspect many of us have the same worrying disjointed feeling.
But it is now Spring here!

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Monday, 20 February 2017

Changing worlds!

The world as we know it has become a place of uncertainty. Everything is subject to change...and this is the nature of evolution....but the rate at which change is happening now is startling in the extreme.
One of the reasons for this is that due to modern technology we are aware of everything that happens around the world.
This morning I have watched a clip of Kim Jon Nam being murdered!
Seen Trump in full flow about Sweden....and then the Swedish response to it...
This weekend we saw Tony Blair trying to rally us into resisting Brexit...
A war being fought to regain Mosul is being waged against Isis with great loss of life.
It is all the stuff of nightmare. And a nightmare we are all involved in due to television and wifi easily viewed in our homes....
I lived through the last war as a small child. I saw Swansea burning one night with the sky bright red....
But this time there is a real feeling of change affecting everyone.
It is a much smaller world we are sharing now and change is inevitable.
But learning how to accept it , embrace it, enjoy it is proving hard for many of us...
Events now....just over this weekend would have been unthinkable this time last year...
I pray for a good outcome for us all....Lord hear our prayer!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Five years ago today we were in New Zealand having stopped at various exotic islands along the way.
I took a lot of photographs all faithfully appearing in the memory sections on this iPad.
As well as the seascapes there are a lot of David.
Two years before he died he was travelling the globe with great vigour and interest in everything.
But now I am shocked by how fast he deteriorated as reflected in the pictures of him. I failed to spot this at the's only in retrospect that it's hitting me.
I am glad to have all these photographs...but they are often a sad reflection on the frailty of man....and woman!
I have been very fortunate to have escaped winters at home in the past.
But this weekend it's Spring in my garden..
Camellias , crocus, daffodils, azaleas are all in full flower...a Cornish garden full of joy...
Thank you God.

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Saturday, 18 February 2017

Oh yes he did!

I have lived here since the millennium year....quite a long time but until last night I have never gone to see the local pantomime.
I don't like this form of drama. Perhaps I was frightened as a child but I've avoided this yearly offering like the plague...
A kind, good friend saved a ticket for me and off I went last night muttering under my breath about driving and parking in the dark!
But I am glad I went.
It really was very good indeed!
My ticket was for a place at the back of the hall but I was instantly whisked off to a seat in the front row.
I recognised most of the actors...knew several of them very well indeed!
The jokes were good, the local references brought the house down...including me.
So all these years I've been missing a treat!
I was given the sad news that an old friend had died and came home to weep a little as well as enjoy the laughter in retrospect.
The cast were enjoying themselves and the whole thing ended in a sort of romp with everyone joining in . It literally brought the house down.
It would have been a definite nono in London which is where I produced my plays twenty five years ago...
But I enjoyed it a lot!
And the friend who got me the ticket played Buttons...oh yes he did!
And very well did other friends, recognisable despite garish makeup and odd clothes.
I needed a good laugh and this was it! Thank you Buttons!

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Friday, 17 February 2017

Fake news?

On my iPad I have two newish apps. One is the Fox news app. The other is the New York Times app.
Last night sitting up in bed I clicked on to the speech that Mr Trump was giving to explain to us all that he had inherited a mess and that fake news was misrepresenting him. I watched for about twenty minutes at a time when I should have been asleep.
All was well in the Trump establishment and it was the press , worse the hostile press that was not being fair to him.
During the day I had read various comments on Facebook and Twitter. One retired judge had forecast that Trump would end his days in prison.
Last night I watched a man clearly determined to demonstrate his own greatness to the nation.
The first month of his presidency has been interesting but also worrying......
His choice of multi billionaires to take up responsible posts is based on the notion that if they can make huge sums of money they can transfer those skills to government.
Some have turned him down and that can't be easy.
His relationship with Putin doesn't worry me as much as the rest of his narcissism.
He seems to be running a live edition of The Apprentice...the only good news is that some of his choices are not prepared to go along with it.
."Your fired" does not appeal to everyone.
Like the rest of the world I await the next chapters of this astonishing drama...
It's certainly not dull!

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

The names the thing!

Watching some ancient soap on the TV I was struck by a sentence.
"If you lose your husband you are a widow. If you lose your parents you are an orphan But if you lose your child there's no name for that..."
True....I'm not sure I would use it if there was but I do dread the inevitable question whilst I'm talking to people who don't know me.
If there was some sort of name then  I could just briefly mention the fact that I've lost both of my children without being pressed for detail.
The problem though would be what word could cover that?
I raised two children to adulthood and loved them every inch of the way.
They were grown up when they died and of course over the years I've searched for clues as to their early deaths.
My daughter had meningitis...
My son a heart attack.
Both of them smoked despite parental dire warnings...but I know a lot of very old people who have smoked all their lives with no apparent health problems.
I used to spend time worrying about reasons but I don't now. I accept their loss whilst wishing they were still here...
But being able to produce a word to cover my childless state would save a lot of social explanation.
Kind people always try to find some sort of words to cover my explanation.
But there really isn't anything that makes sense and stops the inevitable questions.
I live with it mostly happily now the first grief has passed.....I still have good memories and the knowledge that they both reached adulthood before they died but I do react to seeing young adults smoking...
Mostly I have learned to live with my loss...along with all the other people who no longer share my's part of growing old clearly...
And there's not much I can do about that!

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