Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Old images.

The way we keep our precious memories has undergone complete change in the last few years..
Photographs of much loved people used to be placed carefully inside albums to be looked at in our old age!
I have several of these now, mostly unopened for years...
All my photographs taken in the last ten or so years are stored on my computer...I can print them out if I want to but there doesn't seem much point.
Whilst I was away last month, I spent much too long on my own in my cabin coughing .
Inevitably I took pictures of fiords and looked at old photographs stored on my iPad.
At one stage feeling very miserable I looked right through the whole lot and realised that I had no pictures of my children. Not one!
Coming home I found lots of pictures of my son but my daughter died before the digital revolution occurred...
I then got out old albums to search for old pics which I photographed using my mobile phone!
During this search I found some very old pics of me...gosh I've changed....
The whole episode has been very odd....I've obviously got far too much time on my hands...
But I now do have pics of my children on my phone and my computer...
In my barn are several large boxes full of old play scripts and old photos.
This is a project for the winter..it could be very interesting...but only to me , I have no intention of taking everyone down memory lane....
The old pics of my son complete with curly hair after going for a perm, the sight of my daughter playing her flute in a school concert will sit side by side with my various golden retrievers...to be brought out only on rare days...I am fully aware of the dangers of living in the past.
From the lofty heights of old age I can enjoy old holidays, old friends, old boats...but not yet Lord, not yet!

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The next president?

Autumn , season of mists and mellow fruitfulness....
It can be very beautiful here in this golden season but so far it's been dark and damp .
Maybe it's just that my mindset is dull right now but sleep eludes me often during the night so that by morning I am not very bright!
I am a very lucky woman in all sorts of ways and I do know this but I'm getting into bad habits.
Listening to the radio during the night I doze in and out of sleep but last night I caught snatches of the debate between the two presidential candidates of America...
That woke me up!
I refuse to believe that a country so full of highly intelligent ,likeable people can have two candidates both of whom I simply couldn't vote for!
I suspect many of us feel much the same .
I have had access to various news programmes during the last months, Sky, Fox etc have been showing speeches by the candidates for months which have astounded me.
America was founded by men and women fleeing from harsh regimes at home and they established a country where free speech was a basic right for all. The Statue of Liberty encapsulates this ideal...
"Bring me your poor, your huddled masses."
Wonderful words, wonderful ideals, now being rubbished.
Which ever one of them wins and becomes president , a leader of the free world, everyone will get behind them I am sure. But I suspect many of us will be anxious...
All we can hope for is that the many advisors around the next president will have real clout...
It's going to be a very interesting few weeks...

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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Packaging issues!

Has the world gone mad? Has someone somewhere got a massive stock pile of cardboard that must be used....
Why does everything we order these days come swathed in huge cardboard containers?
This was a conversation after church yesterday as we all set off for home knowing that a recycling day was coming!
Everyone contributed horror stories......we all live in rural areas...no large shops for a long way! So we order things on line!
And this is becoming a problem. Particularly if we care about the recycling!
David recycled therefor so do I but its getting harder. I'm not made for jumping on cardboard boxes!
Why does everything we order these days come embedded in brown cardboard?
I ordered a new walking stick last week( not for me). It arrived inside a huge cardboard box! It was one slim plastic stick. Even if it had been bumped and banged along the way nothing would have hurt it!
If I order clothes I pray they will arrive in a plastic bag! They are soft! They won't get damaged if they get chucked about...but no , cardboard it is!
Everyone had similar complaints...jumping on all these boxes is not good for us old ladies!
When I sent for some wood paint for my summer house it arrived in a huge cardboard box. Inside the box was the packing. Several rolls of soft brown plastic....taking up huge amounts of room...I'm putting them with the kitchen rubbish, one roll at a time!
I know things have to arrive in good order, packed and protected but really some of the time could we just have soft clothes in tough plastic bags?
Jumping on all these boxes has to be done on Sunday because the van arrives very early on Monday morning so the sight of me complete with dog collar can be found most Sunday's jumping around with flat feet and flailing arms....and I'm not even mentioning the bottles!

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Saturday, 24 September 2016


I was cold yesterday.....I piled on extra clothes but my mind was turning to winter....it is approaching.
Every year for the last four winters I have had problems with my heating.
It started with the year that my husband David was desperately ill. It was essential that I was able to keep him warm.
This involved several electric heaters in every room...because the oil fired central heating failed....miserably....
Each year since that one has been marked by the failure of the radiators to give any warmth at all!
So yesterday my mind inevitably turned to the heating.....was it going to work this year? Did I need to get in touch with the plumber I now know very well?
So eventually I went and turned it on...
And it worked!
Every radiator in the house, including the one in the hall which has not been on for four years came on last night!
I have a warm house!
Waking early I've done an early morning tour of the house.....and even the towel rails are on!
This is a massive relief. I hate being cold.
I am now off to a far flung village for an early Eucharist with the knowledge that I will come home to a warm house.

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Food pollution.

I have just heard a voice on the radio describing the contents of a take away....amongst the food were small amounts of rat droppings and earwigs!
This reminded me of an evening when I was pregnant for the first time so we are going back into the mists of time.
My husband having spent the day with his mother had brought me a treat home with him...he knew I enjoyed Chinese food and in those days we lacked the ingredients and spices to make anything really good at home...
I was delighted with the chow mein and tucked in with gusto...
There at the bottom was a still wriggling little worm...
I had no time to do a proper identification of the species....I threw up.
I continued to throw up for some time...
My husband clearly thought I was being abit picky!
I asked him not to bring me any "treats" again.
By this time I was being ungrateful as well as picky...
This morning...the whole scene replayed as I listened to the shocking news that it's still happening!
Living here any sort of take away is out of the question but the alternative is to buy ready meals from the supermarkets.
This I have been doing since losing my husband...spending hours cooking for one person seems silly.....so I don't do it!
I shall examine my meals fairly closely now I've been transported back in time to the sixties.
My husbands joke that the little worms were added protein still makes me feel a little nauseous if I allow it into my brain...
I wish I'd not heard this mornings description of what can be found in takeaways....but I can't unhear it so I may have to do a bit of cooking this weekend....
It won't harm me!

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Thursday, 22 September 2016

Flu jabs!

Tomorrow I have to get to the next village before nine o'clock....there I will have two injections. One is a flu jab, the other to prevent shingles...
Because I have to leave home before half past eight there may be no time for blogging....
Apparently our medical team have decided better safe than sorry.....we have been asked to co operate so naturally we will....
There have been times in the past when a flu jab has made several of us unwell....naturally the doctors deny this but what we will feel like with two different injections bombing around our veins may be interesting....
Hundreds are apparently booked in for this mornings exercise. Finding a parking place could be the problem.
As the surgery is just yards from where I used to live I am hoping for the best...my old parking place should be empty....with luck!
I spend a great deal of time avoiding anything medical most of the time but this I can do.
The last time I went into the waiting room there I knew every other person in it....lots of hugs ensued as we all caught up with our life stories....
Now I must get to sleep. But not until I've set the alarm. For weeks I've been waking up extremely early.....but it's not something I can rely on....
Goodnight all.
Waking early yet again I am up before the alarm...
Having now got Superfast I am confident that I can post this before I go...it mostly takes seconds as opposed to minutes.....
The sky is pink...there is no wind or rain...
Good morning then!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Hippie reflections!

Today is the Autumn Equinox. The day when the days and night are equal....
During my hippie youth both the solstices and the equinoxes were important days in my life!
I was an Astrologer for many years....never professionally serious but I did a lot of charts for family and friends!
It's odd now to think back to the mind set which would take me to the top of the mountain near where I lived on both Midsummer and Midwinter days!
I never think now about the position of the planets...I haven't seen an Ephemerist for many years...but occasionally when things are going badly wrong for me I do wonder where Saturn might be...
That planet in Astrology is the teacher and when it's in opposition to a sun it always portends awful events!
Saturn must have been in opposition to my sun for years...
I know it's all rubbish now...but for many years I enjoyed making charts for my friends new babies.....
Several have got in touch with me as to how my predictions at birth worked out thirty years later.......ahem!
Life has taken me in odd ways along the highways and byways of faith...but the common belief in God has always been there and an essential part of who I am!
Now in old age I can look back to my hippie youth with affection and laughter...the small part of me that is left pays a nodding recognition of my path through faith...and I still enjoy the equinoxes and the solstices.
Thank you God!

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