Friday, 25 September 2020

Trumps Tower.

Every day just gets weirder! Some things that worked yesterday are not working today...its a question of how long I can go on posting stuff....only time will tell! Last night a program on the TV brought back wonderful memories of New York. David and I spent some time there before we started cruising. We liked the city. Davd had built things all over the world and was particularly intetested in this one of huge blocks along fifth Avenue.... and this was the subject of last nights program. The Trump tower drew my husband to it and last night seeing the extraordinary building through the eyes of its creator I realised once again just why David had insisted on going there. As we travelled upwards on a bright orange escalator he had stopped to look closely. The marble, was David said the most expensive in the world....As we sat drinking our Gin and tonics high in the clouds on Fifth avenue a picture of the man who had planned it all started to emerge. Last night everything that my husband said turned out to be true. At the time there was no suggestion of Trumps political ambitions ...but he was already intent on showing the world as well as New Yorkers how rich and powerful he was. I know I have seen this program before so I assume I may have written all this before too. Sorry if I have. It was a fascinating program and I can only hope my husband was watching from his cloud. He had been right. and I am glad to have had the opportunity to sip my drink in such a colourful and extraordinary place... and to have had an insight into the mind of Mr Trump. Oh well!

Wednesday, 23 September 2020

Shopping on line.

Some days are easier than others. I have yet to discover wether this is going to be one of those days. My main problem just now is remembering various passwords. At one point of my life one word could be used for providing I could remember it everything was fine. Now everything seems to have different words. In my diary are several passwords but trying to get them right on line is proving difficult...As everything I order on line uses a pass word it is becoming a regular test, especially if I get it wrong and have to get a new one! Several new passwords now sit in my diary. ... so the next time I need a grocery shop could be very testing indeed. This is clearly self inflicted and I should be better than I am. So as the moment when I need a new big shop approaches I find myself waking up fretting about the whole thing. Of course I could just go shopping in person...and that day is fast approaching. .....but not yet..... like everything else in my life I am putting off anything that requires me to have a good memory. Its not just my age....I have always had trouble with remembering odd words used as passwords. Writing them down now only makes it worse when a page full of odd words appears as I search for the correct one! So maybe today might not be the best one... just yet..I still have enough fresh food to get me through another few days....after which I shall have to drive down to the village..which is busy but slightly better now some of our visitors have gone home. ....but waking up to rain battering on my window I must try to shop on line if I can. Very deep sigh....Or tomorrow might be better!

Lockdown! .

Oh dear.... this period is clearly going to go on for some time. The thought that we are still going to be isolated at Christmas is very worrying. After David died I have always gone away for Christmas in order to avoid heart renchng memories.....I spent the last one singing Christmas carols in hot sun in the Caribbean. This year looks very different...we are not even sure that the churches will be open. I am sure that ways around this can always be found...I have booked myself into the local hotel for instance...but a hotel in lockdown conditions is not really inviting...I hope I am getting too far ahead of myself here..what ever happens from now on we will all just have to cope. One thought does recurr though. I really wish that our Prime Minister was anyone else but Boris. He doesnt fill me with any confidence at all. So yesterday I started my shopping. The bottle club will be delivering several interesting bottles of booze by the end of the week. I have started my Christmas shopping early this year! By the time we actually get there I shall probably have drunk most of it. Oh dear...I blame it all on lockdown! That is my excuse anyway.