Monday, 8 March 2021


Heres a puzzle... its one I have referred to before but its Monday morning again! We have to put our dustbins out on Sunday bcause the collection is very early on Monday morning. So I did! All of my bins have disappeared..One by its getting harder. A neighbour told me she had bought her bins and they are all labelled with her name. So I rang the refuse department to also buy some. They told me they never sell them...there should be enough for us all. So this morning I was out early. Five boxes clearly labelled had been collected already. The puzzle was they all had the same name! One of the homes here had got the boxs for all four houses labelled with their own name. OK.I am now aware of the nature of the problem. So from now on I shall join in. This is just daft after many years of easy refuse collection with no problems...and of course the people who got the blame were holiday makers But I now know the truth I am afraid. .I dont like this situation but having spoken to the refuse collection officer I do now realise why there are five boxes with my neighbours name on them and no one else has one....

Sunday, 7 March 2021

Red face?

Lying in bed listening to the radio I felt fine. And then I got up. Looking back at me from the mirror is a bright red face! I have no idea why. I feel fine...not in any way poorly...its just that my face looks as though Ive spent the night in the sun! The sun is shining today but not in my bedroom! I feel fine...I will have my shower shortly but why am I bright red? I really dont know. This is just one more puzzle to add to several more lately. If it wasnt Sunday I might try to talk to the doctor...but I dont feel ill. I feel fine...I just dont look it! Oh dear! I have really no idea how this has happened! Was it something I ate? Something yesterday? How long will it last? Having a bright red face isnt actually a problem...until I look in the mirror! Its just one more thing.. I have yet to start moving...going for my shower might make me feel better...but will I keep this red glow? I look odd but no one will see this if I dont go out..Oh dear...another silly mystery. So far I feel fine...not ill, not itchy..just normal....until I catch sight of my face! OK its time to start moving. The bright face shouldnt slow me down......much. I just have to keep my hands off it and stop looking in the mirrors! Arghhh!

Saturday, 6 March 2021


I am finding it harder day by day to produce a blog that actually works. It usually takes several attempts to get one published. Sometimes its hard to get one written! Not for any obvious reasons...but its the hardware that causes the problem. Trying to convince something not human that I am is definately getting harder...on some days it takes several attempts to get one actually appearing in the right place! I am certainly not short of stuff to write about. Its just a question of which weird event will take my attention! There are alot of strange things going on at the moment! This morning getting out of bed felt strange. The radio encouraged me but it still felt somehow wrong. Some times my home feels alien though its been taken over during the night by people from another planet! For this reason I tend to put on the clothes I took off last saves me from having a choice to make. Suddenly making up my mind to do anything at all has become difficult. Sticking to a dull routine is safer! Ive already been outside. its not too cold but the cries of various birds followed me as I strolled! I think there must be more than one cock out there...or its very loquacious! It all adds to the feeling of strangeness I am living with right trying to keep the blog going is my way of staying normal! Well someone has to try!