Monday, 16 September 2019

Oh dear!

Well. Now my iPad is joining in the general confusion.  An article I wrote yesterday , intending to publish today I found already published this morning...not only that but a comment was already at some point yesterday my iPad obviously decided to do its own thing!
I did have a busy day yesterday...very enjoyably in  the village I used to live in but I was not going to publish that piece until this morning when life is always a rush to get ready for my cleaners arrival. But it clearly did it’s own thing.  And this is worrying yet again about inanimate objects assuming lives of their own...a view shared with my friend Ray.   We both seem to suffer various incidents in our life which are unexplainable in any other way.
And mine have a decidedly unpleasant way of dealing with my frailties.  This morning for instance a cup I lifted up immediate detached itself from the handle.  I am now wearing a different sweater than the one I started off in.
I will try to get this apology for a blog published but if I don’t get it done soon my cleaner will arrive and everything will stop!    So here goes.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Political angst! 

I spent some time  yesterday reading bits of newspaper articles on line, hoping vaguely to find something, anything to cheer me up.  Nothing did.  As I looked at all the headlines to be found in bold black print  I just got depressed. Really? Is no one in government seriously anxious about the way things are going?
One headline from David Cameron made sense..."Johnson backed Leave to help his career! " Exactly!
I have suspected for a long time that much of what is going on right now is a sort of polical posturing, designed to make us all feel better about the way the country is being governed....  but it starts with a crucial mistake.   It assumes that we all love Boris! His one liners are the stuff of sixth form politics..."The hulk gets stronger as he gets crosser!"  Come on chaps...
It is surely time for some really grown  up politics...we are poised on the brink of something which will affect our lives..we are all involved...but we are being treated like juveniles who don’t know what’s going on.   And we dont mostly....
As the date for leaving Europe gets closer there seems to be a school boy spirit of daring do in government, "Its going to be a very big adventure!" Except adventure isn’t quite the right word!
And in charge of all this we have Boris...bumbling about, clearly enjoying himself but totally unable to soften our fears. No one has yet spelled out the exact position we will be in on October 31.  We just don’t know....some soothing noises are made occasionally...but the bottom line here seems to be that no one really knows...or if they do they are not telling us.
Shortages of various kinds are and medicines seem likely. But no one really knows  or do they?
I am uneasy about having an adolescent Prime Minister with his followers in attendance all looking for catchy headlines instead of serious considerations. I hope I’m being unduly pessimistic...only time will tell!

Saturday, 14 September 2019


Yesterday was different.  Despite my planning not to touch the problem of being unable  to post my blog I of course eventually did.  But I spent far too much time trying to get it up and running and failed miserably when it kept asking me for a password!  I do try to use the same one all the time but that didn’t last long so I could not remember which one I was using....and that was just the start of the problem. 

At the same time Cunard were asking me for information for which I needed my password too, naturally a different one from all the! Passwords have now become the bane of my life! 

Old friends tried to help...and they was reassuring to know that my blog had actually been missed..but by the afternoon, I was tired...and fed up...ready to give up blogging for ever!  And then a lady I had met on a cruise years ago sent me a message..about her own password problem and this really cheered me up...she said to ring Cunard to explain the problem and they would sort it out for me....and they did! I suspect that I’m not the only old woman to get confused...

But what was wonderful about yesterday was how many people actually missed the blog and rang me  up or emailed me to ask if I needed help!   I occasionally must have sounded exasperated....because I was. 

So let’s see what another day brings.  After all the angst yesterday I took a glass of wine to drink whilst I watched the TV...I felt no guilt, or embarrassment...after the day I’d had it was richly deserved....and needed!