Tuesday, 21 September 2021

Going out!

I am very late posting this morning because I have been out. I decided early that a trip to the village was needed...and I am still amazed by how many people were about! Gosh we are busy! I went for a coffee and sat outside in bright sunshine to drink it and the number of people going past was astonishing! I talked to several people and they told me how lucky I am to live here and I know that to be true but the sheer number of visitors was incredible! It is now Autumn ....time for going home mostly but the golden oldies are here in great numbers this week...and I suppose this morning I was one of them. It felt very good to get home though. Its quiet here compared to the village. I am glad the shops and restaurants are so busy...they need it to get them through the winter...But I admit I found it daunting at times...I had forgotten just how busy it can get! Staying close to home feels right now... so I will resist all temptation to go down there again until its much quieter...I know that if I want to buy something from the well stocked shops someone will bring it up for me....but this morning has cured me of being adventurous!

Monday, 20 September 2021


I am fairly sure Ive blogged on this subject before....so sorry ..but really some weeks I need to let off steam! Monday morning is when our dustbins are emptied. The wagon arrives around nine and then We can get the empty ones in. My prooblem is that I am one dustbin missing. I have talked to the people in charge and they sent me a new one. That has also been taken. Altogether over the years I have lost a fair number of bins.... my problem is that I dont take anyone elses bin. I just buy new one or arrange for another one to be delivered. They go too. I have tried putting my name on them ....that doesnt stop the problem....its easy to just wipe it off. This morning I have had a conversation with someone removing his dustbin. He has painted his name on it. So I should just do the same obviously but somehow this never works for me. Over the years I have lost about ten dustbins never to be seen again! It is simply a fact of life living out in the sticks that people take dustbins...I really dont know why...I suppose they dont think anyone actually owns their bin..so its not really stealing. But thats not how it feels when a brand new bin disappears over night. Arghhhh!

Sunday, 19 September 2021

No milk!

Gosh its quiet out there! The traffic on the road has slowed down to one car every ten minutes or so. So we are back to normal! This feels good which is ridiculous of course but it feels like life as we have known it is about to resume! Silly things like my running out of sugar are irritants I could do without but mostly I am feeling good! Optimistic even. I am told that many people are still here but going soon.I might go down to the village next week...but that trip can wait for a little while! I need to do a grocery shop this morning..The last time I tried the waiting time was almost a month...but I am hopeful that we are back to a week or so. The last time I said something like that I got told off by someone who said it should only take a couple of days. I can only assume she doesnt live miles from anywhere! Even when we are not full of visitors it takes at least a week...often more! But I choose to live in this glorious place so I have to accept some limitations! And I do! I have been typing away, listening and my first statement seems to be true....even though its Sunday the traffic is very much lighter! Alleluia!