Saturday, 11 July 2009


Its not so much rain as a fairly steady drizzle. Falmouth is no more......we look out onto a grey landscape with no features in it apart from the odd cow! The good news is that there is no wedding today. The bad news is that there is a Christening!  A girl I have known since she was herself a tiny girl is bringing her third baby to be done. She says it will complete the set. I am not totally convinced!  She is one of five and her mother was one of  four. I know all of them well and three is a very modest number for that particular family. As well as the usual number of godparents we have in addition a child who is going to be the fairy godmother complete with wings and a wand!  She is the child who found her mother dead this time last year and the family are trying to give her a new life as best they can.  Rain or no rain  we shall have fun! 
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