Wednesday, 20 January 2010


We have been out since 7.30 and are just back in the dusk We have seen the pyramids and the sphinx and are very tired but the joy of seeing the ancient wonders more than compensates! The vendors were out in force of course and one young man offered David a million camels in exchange for his wife! Not sure which would have the best bargain !

Driving through Cairo was weird in that along the way were derelict and unfinished apartment blocks. They all has towels drying on makeshift balconies and there were mile after mile of them. Apparently they don't finish them on purpose in order to dodge tax. But they still live in them.
On their journey to heaven after death we were told the ancients had to answer questions. It was a litany of what it is to be a good person and it has much that is found in the ten commandments. One of the questions asked if they had done anything to harm the Nile Ironic after the rubbish we saw dumped in the water also to avoid taxes!
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