Friday, 22 January 2010

Red sea

We now have three days crossing the red sea. On the map it only looks little but travelling on it it's not! There are so many activities on board that no one should be bored. We have been to a couple of the lectures but tend not to go clubbing etc at night like many of them do. Last night I realised that I'd had too much sun so today is a time for exploration!
I am going to hear Father Richard talking about keeping up to date with the bible! David says he'll be in the pub!
O2 seem to have cut me off! I have no service at all when everyone else has! Maybe I just over used it! This means I must have run up a huge bill. The app that calculates these things tells me it's around £30 which isn't too bad but if I have been cut off then maybe they have got it wrong.

We have just watched the sun setting over the Red Sea. The only time it's even remotely red!
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