Friday, 12 February 2010


First time ever, my lovely Beetle didn't start last night! It had not been started for five weeks so I cant blame it but I had to get a lift to and from a meeting in school and I do need it at the weekend so I was up early to get the local garage to come and start it for me and supply a new battery! At eight o'clock the ground outside was solid with ice! What on earth is happening to our climate!
The meeting was a long one of frustration and amazement. The politically correct brigade has now firmly taken over the education agenda. The number of new iniatives and things now required by law is amazing! We have only two teachers in our school. How they ever find time to teach, eat or sleep is a mystery to me! They are so concerned at putting all the safeguards in place that the whole idea of teaching children in a relaxed, friendly and enjoyable way is now gone. Thank goodness I am not teaching any more!
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