Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Jet lag

Today I am definately jet lagged. I should have expected it to last a bit I suppose. There is an eight hour difference between here and Singapore. Cunard moves the clock forward very slowly as you move, one hour at a time but coming home has proved a slight problem. I woke at 3am convinced it was time to get up. Any further sleep eluded me so I got up for a while and sorted out some readings for Sunday! By breakfast time my tummy was sure it was lunch time! Now at lunch time its almost time for bed again!
A walk around the garden reveals that there was another deep frost last night! Our weather seems to be having jet lag too! More crocus and snowdrops came up during the night and everything is still looking good. The dead stuff can come out at the end of the week and be replaced. Its a tough life in the agricultural world!

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