Saturday, 6 February 2010


We are just docking alongside a huge waterfront. This morning we leave theQM2. And go to our hotel for a night. So far everything has worked like clockwork so we are hoping that all goes well. Our suitcases were collected last night. You can't help wondering when you will see them again.

We have arrived at our hotel by some miracle. This is a truely multi cultural society and English is the first language though not as we know it! Our first trip outside the hotel was very confusing and I have experienced culture shock for the first time.
We were both frightened of getting lost so we have retreated to study the map!

The view from our window! Makes a change from sea.

We regrouped and got a taxi to the cathedral. It was both colonial and beautiful. But not cool!
Tomorrow we have a full day. We will try to do better!
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